!@#^&%$&^* (blc post)

he was up at motherfucking twenty ’til six this morning. as in 0540. as in ohmygodit’searly if i actually could find that joke funny right now. i tried to ignore him for about, oh, say, 10 minutes. it was a heroic act on my part, to try to ignore the screaming babbling rooster at my side, but i failed miserably as i always do. he’s LOUD in the morning. and he doesn’t do waking up half-assed by any means. when he is up for the morning HE. IS. UP. so i cursed him, swore at the cat (who for some fucking reason beyond my comprehension refuses to eat the last 1/2 inch of food in his dish. so because i am the meanest mom on earth i am refusing to refill his dish with new food until he eats the old. i have a long scratch on my leg so far for my stubbornness, but foucault has an empty belly. i am pretty sure i am going to lose this battle too), changed the goddamn kid’s diaper, and brought him out here to the living room so poor papa can try to get SOME sleep before work this morning. he is now on his belly with the bugs screaming and grunting to the best of his ability. it’s actually quite adorable. he’s also very busy squirming around, moving arms and legs in such a manner that i fear for everything under two feet in this house in about three weeks. he also keeps looking over at me from time to time to see if i am watching him and positively BEAMING back at me when he sees that i am in fact watching his brand new broadway production.

he is such a little person that it just blows me away most of the time. he stopped being a BABY to me months ago. i often catch myself saying things like “when he was little” or “when he was an infant”.. meaning when he was a NEWBORN.. as if NOW he’s practically started to send in college applications or something. but he’s constantly *exploding* with personality and activity that it’s hard not to see him as SOMEONE and not just a slug, which is how i view most babies: small, deliciously-cute lumps of chubbiness.

he’s so goddamn amazing it almost hurts. or possibly that’s just my head pounding from waking up way too fucking early this morning.


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