SHUTUP!!!! (blc post)

i was having a bit of a down morning. i am tired from our BIG LONG DAY yesterday and also a little bummed because i am trying to find a pediatrician for gus and everyone i’ve called is not taking new patients at the moment and it makes me cranky. one place will take him in sept, and that might just be what we do, as i have heard REALLY GOOD THINGS about a few docs at the practice AND it’s very close to our place — gus and i could even walk on nice days — so it appeals the most. but still, it makes me annoyed that we have to wait.

and the jogging stroller came yesterday!! but this one part is not connected and jeremy and i couldnt’ get it to connect. it’s not broken, but it can’t roll without this connection either. so i have to call the company later and it makes me a little annoyed because i wanted to use the stroller today to walk to the post office since i forgot the goddamn CDs i was going to mail when i went yesterday. so i go the envelopes but i have no idea how much it costs to mail them. shit, man.

and i still can’t find those keys. either they are gone, or they will show up right after i get copies made of jeremy’s keys at ACE. and three pairs of keys would be find, it’s just that i’m very cheap, you know?

but then i checked my email and WHAT DO YOU KNOW there is an email from the mama i left a note for!!! she seems very sweet and wants to get together some time. oh very cool. so perhaps we will get together later this week. i would like to be a little bit more clean, first, and a hell of a lot less tired! but wow, i’ve been unrejected! how exciting.


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