i am such a starfucker (blc post)

so i always prided myself on the fact that if i saw someone famous i would NOT run up to them and beg for an autograph because it’s not very nice and it’s not very cool, and we all know that i am the embodiment* of cool.

but today i got this email from my baby brother’s girlfriend megan who is out in LA and is a super kickass makeup artist:

“this email was open on my desk at work while i was ringing up selma blair, and she said, ‘that is the most adorable baby.'”

it was the last pic from the last post. i sent it to the whole fam because i am such a proud mama. and now a famous movie star HAS FALLEN IN LOVE WITH MY BABY!

and i am a little embarrassed about how excited that makes me!!!

*just changed this from “epitome” to “embodiment” ’cause the latter sounded cooler..


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