TGIF (blc post)

so two days ago pretty much sucked for me. in the morning, at least. part of why i already posted. the stinking stroller has this one piece that is not connected and it’s SUPPOSED to be connected and it was frustrating the hell out of me. the manufacturer said just to send it back to where i got it from and they shoudl replace it for me. and i am sure they would — if they had one to replace it with. so i was feeling pretty frustrated. i am feeling better about it now — i am going to figure out a way to attach the piece myself, it’s simple to see what needs to be done, but not so easy to do it. and then the stroller will be ready to go. it’s either that or send it back and get a full refund, but then have no jogging stroller because the same one NOT from that side is almost twice as much. how do i get myself into these situations? i blame my father, who is the king of this kind of craziness.

and then i was tired and it was stinking hot (it’s STILL stinking hot) and lonely and basically feeling rather sorry for myself.

but then when gus woke up he was sooooo cute i decided to stop being such a dang dingo and to appreciate the AMAZING parts of my life — like gus. and then there’s this cute boy who’s always hanging around in the evenings..

but today it’s like a total 180 from wednesday. it’s in fact even more fucking hot today then yesterday, which was hotter than wednesday, BUT so many amazing things have happened and are happening right now that i would jump for joy — if i wouldn’t probably slip in all the sweat that much activity woudl produce and fall and break my neck..

but so:

last night jeremy texted asking if i would meet him for a drink at doyle’s. it was 7:15 and we hadn’t eaten dinner yet and i was tired and hot and NOT CLEAN and i was going to say no, but then i figured, fuck it, i bet doyle’s has a/c and gus and i could use a change of scenery. and so we went and it was HILARIOUS the number of people who stopped to talk to gus. i was nervous at first they wouldn’t let a baby in there. there was one womyn with two kids abuot 8 and 6 or so, and she stopped to say how it “warms her heart” to see people bringing babies in since she has been taking the older boy in there since he was 2 months old! ha! and also we meet with these great kids who are traveling around right now, two from the UK with excellent accents and that was fun too. gus and i didnt’ stay that late, but of course jeremy brought one home to sleep in gus’ room and he was very very very nice and funny and cute and kept calling us mate which shouldn’t make me laugh as much as it does, but i loved it. and gus also thought he was crazy this afternoon when the kid got up and get staring at him and doing a riverdance for him.

gus and i have a playdate with the girl with the note on the car on sunday! well how about that?! she seems very cool, too. she is a single mom which rocks my socks off. how anyone does this kid thing along i do not know. i can’t even expression how much i admire anyone who does this alone and wish i could give them all 10,000 hugs and kisses. although i will not try that on sunday, don’t worry. i will just beam it out from my heart and hope she catches the warm vibes.

a vegan mom emailed me from the jpmoms yahoo group!!! she invited us to come to a vegan potluck and pool party on sunday WITH A VEGAN SUNDAE BAR!!!!!! alas, we cannot go, and i am so mad at all the dominicans in boston right now because they are the reason i will not be swimming with ice creamy goodness on sunday. but still it is super cool to know vegan KIDS, especially since we are starting gus on solids next week. i want to know all about how this womyn did it and all her thoughts on rearin small vegans. plus the potlucks are monthly so oh yea, fun times and good food’s a comin!

tomorrow we will be going to visit my very best friend laura gw and her small max (two days older than gus!) and her big greg!!! they are having a big cookout at laura’s brother-in-law’s sister-in-law’s place (er, i know, confusing, right?). no vegan sundae bar, but still it will be great. i haven’t met max yet so i am verrrrry excited.

also i found some shorts in with my running clothes, and they are pretty nice to be wearing in this stinking heat as opposed to my skirt or my pirate pants, both of which come down to my knees or lower. these are RUNNING shorts, so you know i am showing an AWFUL log of leg, which i rarely do, even though i seriously have some great pins (by the way, way to go LJ for saving my notes here when i accidentally changed the page. whew i was going to be so pissed about having to type alla this all over again!!!). but it makes a diff in the heat factor FOR SURE.

MY SISTER is coming to visit on monday for 5 WHOLE DAYS!! and THEN TONI AND ROSS ARE COMING at the end of the month. so i won’t be so dang lonely for a bunch of times too!!

AND i might have an interview to be an immunology lab instructor for immunology labs at BU this coming spring. how cool would that be??!! i have always wanted to have a little bit more of a try at teaching (already i feel nervous about it though and i haven’t even gotten an interview yet..!!)…!!! i emailed the womyn to check in and see if she’d gotten my email with my CV and my cover letter because i emailed it a week ago and hadn’t heard anything (perhaps i was being a bit impatient) and she said “I’ve been away since last week. I’m pretty sure your resume is on my desk, so we can set up an appt. to meet.” WOW SO COOL! i just wrote back thanks for letting me know and i should have thought that she could be out of town and i look forward to meeting her. so hot dang i am nervous and excited. that would be SO COOL because it’s in the evenings and it would be some $$ AND it would be SCIENCE!!! so i could be putting time into my CV while i’m stay at homing. and having some teaching experience totally opens up the possibilty of doing college teaching some day instead of just academic research.. which appeals becaues that schedule, while not necessarily more flexible, is more open and also would give me more time to spend with gus in the summer once he’s in school. that’s far off but it’s nice to be able to think about these things as a possibility for some day….

and then FINALLY — my son has been cccc-awesome! he can sit up now, ALONE, if you put him in the sitting position. you still have to sit by, because he is not a pro, just beginning and sometimes he topples. also if he doesn’t want to sit up anymore, he hasn’t figured out how not to do that without giving himself a concussion. but it’s fucking crazy to see. also he loves it too, because it is a totally different way of viewing the world for him! and he is so mobile now it’s amazing. still just in circles, but it’s so cool to watch. and he’s a PRO at his johnny jump up! i took video but i can’t figure out how to convert it from the dvd we burned from the video camera to an mpeg. cockamania. and his posh new diapers are coming in tomorrow! he is *almost* growned out of the size ones! i can’t believe it. and these news ones are not as thick and shouldn’t take as long to dry, which will be nice for having to put them in the dryer.

and also gus is a little bit fat right now, which makes me happy too! and he has all these cute new threads that i want to wash for him to wear but it’s so fucking hot right now that i am afraid he will outgrow them before it’s cool enough to wear them. we’ll see.

and so here are a few pictures of gus’ latest crowning achievement and plus his usual cuteness:


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