his new diapers (blc post)

we went to see my beautiful friend from college and her beautiful baby who is two days older than gus (and her beautiful husband too). somehow i did not get any good pictures of max! cockamania. only video, which i don’t know how to convert to mpeg to put his cute face up here. shit, man. but we had a really good time. it was an adventure! we drove about 45-55 minutes out of the city to my friend’s husband’s brother’s sister-in-law’s place, i think. it was fun to just get out of the city for a little bit and it was AWESOME to see my laura gw. there were a ton of kids and they were LOUD. but really cute too. it would have been a little nicer to get to hang out with the babes on blankets and just me and laura, but i will take what i can get!!! it was awesome to meet max, who is just as edible in person, if not more so, than all his pictures. i was so happy to get to squeeze him! and laura got to squeeze gus. i DO have a picture of that! i have one of gus and greg too, but the light was bad 😦 ccccockamania! at least i have greg on video too.

our new diapers for gus came in today and they are HUGE. they go from 18-36 lbs. i can’t believe his bum is someday going to be 36 lbs big! i can’t believe his first set of diapers already are almost too small!!! they still are plenty big enough for daytime, but with a doubler in they barely fit. so tonight i put a brand new diaper on just for bedtime. he IMMEDIATELY pooped in it. of course. sheesh. and since these diapers are cotton velour, it looks pretty gross with creamy baby mustard poop in it. oh well what can you do. so already he is on his second brand new diaper πŸ™‚ we will continue with the hemp ones for another week or two, and then it’s on to the enormous ones.

i forgot to mention that he’s discovered his tongue. it’s hilarious. he is always sticking it out now and it seems like he knows it looks silly, because he’s usually laughing, smiling, or giggling when he does it too. once again, i am overwhelmed with how awesome it is to have a gus in our lives. he makes us both so happy that i can’t believe either one of us hasn’t thrown up yet with the ridiculous mushiness of it all. i’m so grateful for the little bugga bugga.

tomorrow we do NOT go to eat a vegan sundae, but to the fancy dinner for jeremy’s work. i totally figured out a good outfit for us both, so i am excited about that. maybe i will have someone take a nice picture of us all dressed up like classy people. it’s supposed to be only 80 F tops tomorrow, and i am quite relieved. i am tired of this stinking hotness! cockamania.

also i need some treats, and bad. megan is coming next week and i think we will have to make some cake or something. i can’t believe boston also does not have an all night vegan cookie store!!!

he skipped his nap today, and so he passed out in the car on the way home and then passed out after his second diaper change (with a good nice try at telling some jokes in bed first before he conked out). he’s getting able to be distracted when he is cranky, unless he is REALLY hungry or REALLY tired. that’s kind of awesome. he’s such a sweet, amazing little kid. how jrms and i got so lucky to have such an incredible babe is just unbelievable to me.

also here are the famous british (and american) anti-christs who visited us the other night:


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