www.stonybrookfinearts.com (blc post)

so the jogging stroller came with one of its shocks not attached. the bottom of the shock was split, as someone had cut it and pulled it off the rivet, but i couldn’t get it opened back to get it on, and neither could jeremy. it probably was never on to begin with, and it seems likely that this was the reason it was returned to the website for sale on the website i got it from. i could have returned it, and gotten the full price back, but then i would have had no jogging stroller. i finally called a machine shop and the lady who answered the phone said “sure, doug could probably do that, but he’s not hear right now, call back after 12:30” and so we waited the hour and a half and then talked to doug and he said “no, sorry.” and my sister and i said COCKAMANIA!!! and went into town without the stroller. and i was thinking well, hmm, maybe if i could just get the rivet off, i could use a nut and bolt and then maybe trunin could put another rivet on when we went home for christmas or maybe redstar.. and then i remembered there is a welding place right nearby! like redstar! and i thought, well, maybe those people would help. and i found their website and there was a way to send them an email and i explained the situation and someone emailed back right away and said come on over!!!! and this cute young boy got the rivet off and put a new bolt on in less than 20 minutes. and charged me $3 when i asked how much i could pay! and so now i love the stony brook fine artists with all the hugs and kisses they could handle! and then gus and i went to put air in the tires of the stroller and now HURRAH we can go for a little jog mon morning after we drop papa off at the T. sometimes the kindness of strangers just blows me away. i wish we had $100 so we could commission some lovely little piece of iron art from them, but maybe some time gus and i will just take them brownies as a thank you instead.


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