happy birthday to ME (blc post)

so aw dang i got some great presents today! and it was a good day too. gus and i went for a run in the new jogging stroller! i am soooooo out of shape! my BUTTCHEEKS JIGGLED. i knew my tummy was not at its firmest and my thighs aren’t like when i was running back in the day. but MY BUTTCHEEKS JIGGLED??!! how sad and hilarious. i am going to be sore tomorrow, i am pretty sure. but we had fun. i think gus liked it, even though turtles and snails were passing us left and right, i think he liked the ride.

i didn’t make brownies for myself today because my friend was here and i didn’t want to share. but i do have icing and breakfast muffins with chocolate chips so i had one of those and i’m going to have another because HEY, IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! and i listed to my cd and zoom came from the moon to sing me my birthday song again! which is great because last year he didn’t come and it was sad. even though jeremy thinks i am CRAZY for loving it so much. but i do, oh i do.

and so here is my score — in addition to the calls from my family and a text from toni b and an ecard or too that were really sweet or hilarious or totally unexpected. so — classy earrings from my baby baby, super posh soft towels from my mama and papa AND a picture of my mom and me when i was a wee babe, and cute steelers socks from jeremy’s parents. nice nice.

oh, and a really REALLY stinky fart from jrms.

gus is kind of the best birthday present, EVER, though. EVERY. DAMN. DAY.


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