negotiations & love songs

tonight gus wanted a band-aid for this mosquito bite that he’s been picking at since the end of august (sigh) that we keep having arguments about his leaving alone. we were all in bed and neither jeremy nor i felt like getting up, plus he had long pants on so i tried to convince him he didn’t need a band-aid because his bug bite was already covered up. but he needed a band-aid. i said “not tonight. in the morning”. he asked “why?”. i said something about his pajamas being long so he didn’t need one. and then i asked “but why do YOU need a band-aid?”. he said “i NEED a band-aid because i WANT a band-aid.” i guess from a 2 yr old’s point of view that’s a pretty fair answer. so i said fine, he could have a band-aid, after he nursed. now this was dirty deal-making on my part, because gus didn’t nap today and i knew that once he started nursing he would fall asleep and i would win! because that’s the kind of sensitive, loving mother i am. he said “ok” and we snuggled down to nurse.

he latched on for — maybe — half a second, popped immediately right back off again, and announced, triumphantly “I NURSED!”

score one for the 2 yr old. again.

we grownups seriously have to sharpen our negotiating skills.


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