water water everywhere and not a drop to drink

my toddler mama + pregnancy brain is bad enough that any small change in our routine is enough for me to forget huge entire important things that we’re trying to walk out the door with. so far this hasn’t caused any dire consequences, but things are starting to get kind of sad/hilarious.

i keep having nasty metal mouth most mornings when i wake up. it’s annoying because it makes nothing i think about eating seem appealing and makes anything i choose seem like it was the wrong decision after. i finally remembered that swishing some salt water around my mouth will get rid of the taste this morning so i made myself a glass and immediately after a quick rinse i realized i was hungry for cereal after all.

we had a busy day, heading to meet some friends at the playground, hanging with some friends whose mama has a terrible ear infection so she could relax while we entertained her 2 yr old (milo, with little sister moxie, who gus keeps forgetting and calling “foxy”), and then finally meeting up with some other friends at another playground later this afternoon.

i decided i didnt’ want to take our normal huge bag with us for our last trip of the day, so i hurried up and got some snacks for me, snacks for gus, and some water for us in gus’ pirate water bottle all in a little bag that i got last summer at the dollar store.

when we got to the playground i was pretty thirsty but when i tasted the water it was awful. i remembered gus telling me earlier both that (a) “i can’t drink this water mama” and (b) “there’s some playdough in this water”. of course both times i had ignored him. i wiped the straw part off but it was still really foul. so i opened the water bottle to wash the straw (that i assumed gus had mashed playdough into or something) with the water in the bottle. as it turns out, THAT water tasted pretty bad too. SALTY. like someone’s dumbass mother had filled our water bottle up with her metal mouth water from that morning. dang! poor gus. our friend lucas’ mama was kind enough to share their water, though, so we survived the arriving-at-playground-parched crisis.

gus was thirsty again on our way home, so we borrowed more water from lucas. after walking for a bit, i realized i was thirsty too, so i asked gus for some water. he said “nah” and laughed. we say “nah” when we are teasing each other about things, so i asked again. he said “nah” again and laughed some more. i explained that i was actually really thirsty and begged please may i have some water. he said “nah” again.

i begged the whole walk home, and my sweet charming boy would not share a single drop with me! the stinker! finally he explained to me, exasperated that i didn’t understand why not, “dora did not drink lucas water!”.

dude. seriously?

punkass 2 yr old! sheesh.


2 thoughts on “water water everywhere and not a drop to drink

  1. but gentle soul you are, didn’t say “look son, you’re giving me some of that water” 🙂 cause i think i totally would have.

  2. hahaha, i would have demanded it more forcefully but the damn dingo was on my back and i couldn’t reach it!

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