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this is our fourth day in a row without a nap. i won’t be surprised if gus is still napping by the time little chilly arrives, but i don’t expect to be all that regular by then. he didn’t drag at all this weekend when he didn’t nap, whereas he used to be all droopy by four or five and we used to have to do all kinds of silly things to distract him awake until 6:30 bedtime at the earliest. but these days he usually doesn’t need to go to bed until 7 — only a mere half hour before his usual bedtime with nap. the only difference is, really, is that on no nap days he usually goes to sleep in less than 20 minutes, whereas on nap days, it can easily take up to 45-60.

in the recent no nap past, gus rarely lasted more than 2 days without nap, on his wildest days, 3, and that day he would be totally struggling. but today he was still wide awake by 1, so we packed up the lunch jeremy forgot and took it downtown to him. all snuggled up in his fleece in the wrap in our kindercoat shell, gus started to get sleepy on the train, so i took a bunch of phone photos of him, making him giggle. he loves looking at pictures just taken of himself on the phone or the camera. and when we got off the train he was wide awake again and excited to see papa. he LOVES those office stamp things that lots of places of business use, so he was pretty excited to get to stamp a bunch of paper at jeremy’s work. and we drew some monkeys and shapes for papa’s wall as well. he refused to say goodbye to any of jeremy’s co-workers, but still he was happy to have seen everyone.

we had to take the winter coat gus and i picked out the other day back to h&m since his snow suit coat actually fits him perfectly this year and is not as enormous and puffy as it was on him last year. jeremy is sad, because the h&m jacket was way cooler, but we are all about living on the cheap in this house, so gus will get to be hip next year. we weren’t in a hurry to get home to our cold house and no plans and gus wanted to walk, so we just took out time moseying over to the store from jeremy’s work. it rained this morning and everywhere was still wet even though the sun had come out finally, so playgrounds weren’t an option, so i was feeling pretty bad that our afternoon was going to be so boring. but oh — not so.

it took us a good 20 minutes to walk the 5 minutes from jeremy’s office to h&m. gus was in a great mood, excited to be out walking, people watching, sidewalk exploring, building investigating, downhill running, etc. we splashed in some puddles (we wore our boots today) and made footprints on the dry patches. gus found a 1/3 of a cigar that someone had stashed into a fire hose pipe. he pretended to pick up coins from the ground to give to me to put in my pockets. he pretended to find cake on the walls that he grabbed for us to eat. he waved at some police officers that he thought were worker guys (they had on fluorescent windbreakers) — they cheerily all waved back and complimented him on his boots (they boots were quite popular with the folks out on this yucky day today). we sat on some ledges, we walked in a line, we walked around booths, we walked holding hands and not holding hands.

we had a gift certificate from jeremy’s mom to spend at h&m, so i got gus this hilarious and awesome sweater for next winter and this hilarious and cute aviator hat lined with faux wool for this winter. and then we walked and walked some more to the T station for our trip home. it took so long that on our way i started thinking about real cake, and so i decided we should get a piece of delicious vegan cake at my thai before we went home. gus loved the idea, and we headed over. sadly, we just missed their lunch hour, and they were all out of cake. so we decided instead to walk a little further down the way to see the big bear outside of the children’s side of tufts medical center. gus wanted to touch all the big blocks the bear was holding, so we did, and then he was too tired to walk to the T himself. it wasn’t even another block, so i just carried him.

we read the “newspaper” that he’d chosen for himself for on the T on the way home, and then we walked over to city feed to get some “soda” and some bread — and to look for cake. he wanted to go in the wrap, finally, on the walk home, but when we got in the door i realized we had been out for just about 3 hours! most of the time during which he had walked himself! he started to sag again a little bit on the way up our street, but we giggled and talked about what kind of straw he wanted with his soda water and he managed to stay awake the whole way home.

the rest of the evening was a little tough, he was pretty tired, but not too bad. he had a piece of horribly unhealthy white bread toast with butter and some potatoes and ketchup for dinner and then a bunch of books with jeremy before bed. and then he insisted he WASN’T ready for bed, but it took him less than five minutes to pass out once he finally laid down.

when we woke up this morning i was worried that we were going to be stuck inside and miserable after our playdate with our friends jackie & jonah in the a.m. i can’t believe that we had such a silly and fun and outside afternoon on such a wet day. and i surely never expected a no nap day to be such good times! i think no more naps might get to be more fun than i could have wished.


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