gus slept in his very own bed all night last night. and, so did i.

poor baby, he was just pretty nervous about where my nursings were going to be. he’s been pretty consistently falling asleep around 7:15-7:30 in these no nap days (d6) and then sleeping straight through until about 3:15-3:30, nursing for a bit, and then sleeping until about 6:30-7. really nice. but last night he woke up a little less than 3 h after he went to sleep. it was so cute and sad.. he stirred and then sort of drug himself all sleepily to the little rise between the beds and plopped back down. i thought he was just moving around to find a comfy spot, but then he sort of rose up and swayed toward me and i realized he wanted to nurse. so i grabbed him and snuggled him down into his bed and said “i’m here! we can nurse” and he relaxed and nursed a bit and fell back asleep. and then when jeremy came to bed (maybe 30-45 min later?), he woke up and nursed again when jeremy bumped our bed. and then he woke up maybe an hour or two later and nursed. and then he woke up or sort of woke up a few more times, but then he just seemed to just need to make sure i was there and snuggle over or throw his arm around my neck and put his face up to mine. but he didn’t nurse again until 6:30, when he woke up and nursed for a minute and then woke up for good, insisting that papa and NOT mama get up and play with him (poor jeremy. but it was very sweet too).

and when we talked about sleeping in his bed again tonight he was happy about that again. and he said “and mama’s nursings were there!” and i said, “yes just like i told you they would be”. and he was happy about that. i expect we’ll have a somewhat similar routine for a few days or maybe even a week or so until he feels certain that the nursings will indeed be there if he needs them. it’s so funny and cute because he’s so close to being finished with nursing in the middle of the night already, but he needs to know that he can have them if he wants them i guess.

and actually, his bed was nice and cozy and i didn’t feel cramped, so i don’t mind if we have to do this for a few days. it’s easier than when we were all in the queen, so already things have drastically improved for me sleepwise anyway. and although poor jeremy was lonely, he was pretty happy not to be kicked — anywhere, if you know what i mean — at all last night.

off to a good start, then, i’d say.


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