sleeping beauty

* for the most part, gus has been sleeping in his own bed every night.  one night he was so tired he fell asleep on the couch, and when he woke up a few hours later to nurse, he was all confused and mad about being in his bed. he said “aah! i thought i was gonna sleep in that bed” and refused to stay in his own. so he slept with us that night. and two other times he’s come into the big bed in the middle of the night. but most nights he spends the entire night in his own bed. not alone, mind you, a lot of the time i end up spending at least part of the night sharing his space with him. but as long as he is awake when we put him in it, he seems to like his new bed just fine.

* that being said, transitining to the new bed has given us some much needed space, but our trade has been the loss of the 7:30-3:30 sleepytime. he know usually wakes up almost every two hours funtil about midnight or one. then he usually sleeps a sloid 4-5 hours. i understand it’s a big transtition, but i am  a little sad about the loss of the 6 hour straight through sleep we were getting. we’ll get it back s, i know, but it’s tough always going through stpes forward, two septs back. sigh.

* the bedtime routine HAS been a lot easier lately, though, given that gus hasdn’t napped for 11 straight days. i forget how exatly it happened from the 2-to-1 transition, but i suspect it was soething similar. he was doing GREAT for the first week, but by d8 and 9, he was really starting to show some wear around the edges. today in class, though, was the worst, he was really losing his shit about every 5-10 minutes. poor baby. so finally in the car on the way to pick up some knives we had sharpened (YAY!) (LOOOOOOOOOOOONG overdue), he passed out. he was uncooperative about getting in the car and was very frustrated with and mad at me as we were leaving the house, and then he decided he wanted to nurse. i was pretty frustrated and mad at this point too and i made him get in the car anyway. i debated going back in to nurse to see if he would nap but decided against it. the fact of the matter is, the boy needed some sleep, and there was a very distinct possibility that if we went back inside and nursed he would have some nice quiet nursing time and then get a second wind. i thought we might have a slightly better chance of him passing out in the car, and my gamble paid off. whew. we drove to west roxbury to pick up the knives, we drove to simi’s to drop theirs off, we drove to the new house to see if it gets as good sun in the early afternoon as it does in the evening (the road was closed, but i could still see that it does), we drove to ezra’s to drop off their knives, and now we are sitting in our driveway while gus continues to nap. yay wifi! no way was i risking him waking up during a transfer. thank goodness it’s a warm day. although too sunny. i am typing with the laptop screen under the steering wheel with the keyboard propped up on my belly, mutating little chilly with all the computer radiation no doubt.

i bet this is full of typos since i can’t see what i am writing, but i am posting anyway to see if i can’t catch up on some long overdue emails..


One thought on “sleeping beauty

  1. oh man, how much do i heart that you are typing in the car!

    and when you say ‘new house’…do you meannnnn???!!

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