i can’t said the ant

i remembered on sunday that our car was due to be inspected by the end of this month.. that is.. some time this week it had to be done. oops! because the old place we used to take it always seemed to find something wrong every time i took the car in for an oil change, i decided to take it to another shop. one i’ve used before and have always liked. the other place was always giving out coupons for free oil changes, so i kept going back. i’m a sucker like that.

we dropped the car off at 9 and the guy said it would be ready by lunch time and took my cell number. it was cooler but not awful out, so gus and i took his bike over near a beautiful bike path and playground area and hung out for a bit. he was excited, because we’d never been to that playground before. i was disappointed, because the playground was soaked with dew, so there really wasn’t a whole lot he could do there.

ever the optimistic adventurer, gus checked out and rode his bike around the nearby deck hockey rink for a bit, then ran through a (wet) grassy field after what he thought was a ball but turned out to be only a piece of trash. still, we found some sticks and smacked around some low hanging branches for a bit before we headed down the path to another playground. the other playground was wet too, of course, but gus didn’t care and went down two slides anyway and totally soaked through his pants. sigh. which i didn’t realize until much later, even though i made him turn around and show me his bum afterwards. stupid corduroys.

we spent a lot more time at the second playground, but eventually we got bored there too. playgrounds are fun and all, but really they only hold gus’ attention these days for more than a few minutes when they are full of other kids. or at least a friend or two to run and play with him (instead of just a boring old pregnant mama). so off we went on the bike again.

and then woe, tragedy, and agony.

i think we actually managed to spend about an hour getting from the car place to leaving the second playground. honestly that’s not too shabby at all considering the unplayful state of both places. but that means it was only a little after 10 and we still had at least two hours to go. i wondered how we will manage to fill the next two hours. oh if only i had known i would have made us grab a bus or train or something.

pretty soon after we left the next playground, gus decided he was incapable of riding his bike or walking any further. he wanted me to carry him and the bike. i can actually do this, but both of them together in my arms get heavy pretty damn fast. not only that, we are rapidly approaching the age at which i am relying on that bike being gus’ primary mode of transportation, and i sure as hell am not going to be able to carry them both in just a few short months as my belly gets big and big and bigger and then probably not at all once i have a little chilly in my arms. so no time like the present and all that to get gus used to the idea that mama just does NOT do that anymore.

poor baby. poor mama. it took us probably an hour to walk down on city block together. during which time there was a lot of pouting and frustration and silent cursing. but there also was a lot of patience and fun and silliness too. and conversations about people’s spooky halloween decorations and last few surviving flowers and colors of cars parked on the street. this age is so awesome and terrible sometimes. we had such a crappy day yesterday i wanted to be especially patient, and for a lot of the time i was. but i’m not going to lie. it could be pretty hard.

i attempted to motivate gus with talk of a new library we had never visited before (i thought maybe we could go sit in on their weekly book and craft time that our friend simi goes to. ah-hahahahaha, when we finally DID get the the library, the reading hour had been over for over an hour. sigh) and for about a minute that worked. but he couldn’t see it, he said, and so he thought it was too far to go to. and then i bribed him with treats from a special store. that worked for a minute too. and then he decided he couldn’t do it. again.

we did get to both places, eventually. gus got a cupcake and a piece of pizza with black olives and cashew nut cheeze (tastier than you might think) (thanks auntie m and uncle t! that was the last of your birthday gift card!). and we read TONS of books at the library. and then we finally decided to just go check on the car AT ONE and lo and behold it was finished. i decided not to ask why they hadn’t called because i was too exhausted and annoyed to do it in a polite way at this point.

but our car is inspected and oil changed. and gus and i spent FOUR HOURS outside in the cooler fall weather, which we NEVER otherwise would have done. and we spent time tooling around an area of jp we hardly ever spend time in. and we got a tasty snack, which we rarely treat ourselves to for no special reason. so i’d say it still was a pretty good morning, just in a totally unexpected way.

and it totally wore gus out too. he fell asleep in the car on the way home and even though he woke up a tiny bit when i transferred him into the house, he just passed right back out on the couch where i laid him down and has been sleeping there — in his winter coat, poor baby — for an hour now.

it’s supposed to rain soon, and we need to return some books (and pick up some requested ones) to the library later this afternoon. and we night need to run downtown yet to get some paperwork signed and delivered. so this afternoon is probably not going to be all that exciting. so yea for crazy unexpected morning adventures after all!


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