32 months

dear sweet peanut,

(late as usual) (sigh) (hahaha)

the biggest news of this month, of course, is your new bed. it was a little bit of a tough transition at first — for me — but now you pretty much insist on sleeping in it every night and that is awesome. i missed you pretty badly the first few nights — your bed is a few inches shorter than the big one and so i have to roll across this wooden beam of our bedframe and that makes me cranky. so you can feel pretty far away. this wasn’t easy for either of us at first — you started waking up every few hours again to make sure my nursings were still going to be there and i just MISSED you being so close by — but now we’re both quite used to it. you now are back to sleeping about 6-8 h straight and then you want to nurse a bit. and at first i was needed to go over onto your bed, but now you just roll over to right next to the big bed and we work it out. and sometimes you say, “first nursing then snuggle” and that is my favorite.

2009 09 16 fishing

you do a silly thing when we shower or bathe now (mostly you take baths alone these days, but you like to join papa or me in the shower from time to time. you are getting braver about the shower part and even sometimes let us rinse your hair in the falling water. this is nice for everyone), you ask to wash little chilly and then you put soap on my belly and give it a good scrub. and we talk about how little chilly is getting big and big and bigger and all the things you will teach him (or her, if your papa gets his way).

you like to flush the potty, A LOT, and we talk a lot about everything going down into the sewers. you get pretty annoyed with me i forget and flush for you. oops, habit! you like to pee at the same time as papa or you like to race him to the potty and pee first. you were pretty disappointed at first that i don’t let you pee the same time as i do.

2009 09 19 toothy grinner

this month you really started asking why a lot. it’s cute and a pain in the ass. especially when you ask about things that aren’t really “whys”. like a conversation we had one afternoon “where is the brewery mama” “right there bubba” “why?”. sometimes i ignore you when you ask why. but mostly i try to answer you as patiently as possible. i know that a lot of it is you just trying to have a conversation with me and not really having all the skillz yet. but i’m not going to lie — it can wear me out sometimes.

you are really saying some awesome things about love these days. you will tell us how you “love love love love love” us. and then we have to tell you how we love love love love you back. i know it’s mostly just a fun word game for you, but i totally makes me mushy every time.

2009 09 27 hungry papa

you say “what’s this is” or “what’s that is” when you want to know what something is, which i love, because it’s so grammatically incorrect. you say “uz-lee we do and uz-lee we don’t” when you mean “sometimes”, especially about something you want to do that i haven’t necessarily agreed to do. your argument for that used to be “but we did it yesterday, which was your way of meaning “before”. you say “what did you said mama” when your papa and i snap at each other, when i mutter something under my breath (whether it’s sassy or not), and when i swear. my god child either clean out those ears or mind your own business already!

you’ve started to get into some of the toy animals you’ve had for awhile. you have these three ducks that you like to have watch you do things, particularly pee. sometimes they are accompanied by a blue whale and/or a frog. you can get pretty irritated if you have to pee and these friends are not there to witness it. it’s kind of awesome, actually.

2009 09 27DSC_0001

you like to wash your hands yourself and then after you want to “do the thing we do” — which means shake your hands to dry them off. i honestly don’t remember initiating this ritual but you used to hate for me to dry your hands off, and now you don’t mind at all if i use the towel as long as you get to “do the thing we do”. so word, little brother, whatever it takes. also you are so cute when you do this.

the other crazy thing about this month was that you went 11 days straight with no nap. it was kind of awesome, because no nap makes your falling asleep at bedtime a snap. you are out in 15 minutes tops most no nap days. whereas nap days you tend to take over an hour to fall asleep and this frustrates your mama to no end. but really after about 7 days it started to wear on you, and by 9 days without a nap you were a complete and total wreck. i really dont’ know where things are going with your nap, although i still feel certain we are looking at the end-of-nap.. just.. i have no idea when. honestly, i won’t mind at all when your nap is gone. it really opens the whole day up for us. but i know you’re not quite ready yet, you can’t quite handle not going without a nap for too long, and that’s okay too. i’ve just stopped planning on nap time unless it’s been a few days and then i try to make sure we plan some quiet time in our day because i can tell you need it. it sounds a lot more dicey than it actually is. i can read your signs a lot better these days (mostly because they are loud screamy signs that everyone in the entire neighborhood can read) and have a pretty good feel for what days you could probably benefit from at least making a nap available and which days you could totally skip no problem.


it’s been a pretty cool summer and fall this year, but we have been lucky enough to have had a pretty decent amount of not too cold and not too rainy days this fall. we’ve been getting out a lot — some days i think we’ve spent more time out in the cold than we had on the more beautiful days this summer — and that’s been really great for the both of us. i’m not looking forward to the long cold winter ahead, but in the mean time, we’ve really been enjoying this autumn.




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