hello in there

i keep forgetting to write for all of posterity that i have been feeling some kind of mini-kicks since around 17 weeks or so. i was certain i felt kicks from gus just at the end of 19 weeks, but these kicks i have only felt when i was lying on my tummy and if i didn’t know what kicks kind of felt like, i would have thought they were gas. and they certainly still could be, but i think they are really kicks. so small that i can’t feel them with my hand and so small i can’t even feel them until the teeny tiny wee bug in my belly is quite squished.

last night around 2 in the morning or so, i happened to have my hand on my belly and twice i felt real kicks. i was on my back and my hand felt them. it was so cool.

and then i woke up this morning and i couldn’t be sure i wasn’t dreaming it! ha!

so, still, waiting to feel some official movement in there. but i expect it won’t be too terribly long now.


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