happy veteran’s day

jeremy had today off. i think i would like every wednesday from now on to be a holiday. well, oops, that would mean we would miss class, so, hmm.. i’ll have to rethink that wish. BUT sleeping in this morning was pretty awesome. and hearing gus and jeremy play while i was in and out of sleep was super awesome. it is so fun to be able to hear him laughing and playing with his papa while i still get to not get out of bed just yet.

we didn’t do anything special, some errands, some outside time, some books, making a birthday card for a friend’s birthday on friday. pretty much the same kind of stuff we’d do any other weekday, but with papa here too. i’m making dinner now while gus and jeremy play in his room and then we’ll eat, brush teeth and put on pj’s, watch the kids, and then go to bed (well, gus will go to bed. even *i* don’t get to bed at 6:30. yet.).

it’s just so nice having this extra day with jeremy, especially since he was away for 5 days last week. it makes the long wait ’til the weekend so much nicer.


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