the good kind of busy

i taught my first class-for-money yesterday with one couple and will be teaching their second class tomorrow night. it’s a private childbirth refresher and pain relief 2 day course. i’ll be teaching two more classes this week to 1 1/2 couples on childbirth refresher and vbac preparation. and then in january i’ll be teaching a private class to a couple having their first wee babe for four weeks, doing a sort of condensed version of the 8 wk group course i hope to someday get enough students to teach. then someone called me about a class after the new year on monday and i just called her back today. yea, that’s professional. *sigh* i am really bad at calling people back. it seems like there is never a good time to be on the phone! and i just emailed another 2nd time mama tonight about a refresher course that she had been interested in back in september for just after the new year. i sent her a suggested course outline and asked if she was still interested and if she wanted to email our parents group to see if we could any other folks to join. there is this new rule against advertising your business, so i can’t really write and ask about interest myself.

it’s nice to be teaching a little bit! i hope that these students will recommend me to other potential students. our midwife said she would be advocating my classes too, which i think is very sweet. i guess we’ll see where things go after these few classes, but i feel like it’s a nice start anyway.

the boring bit is that everything i am making is going straight back into savings until i reach the $795 mark that i spent on the training in the first place. boo.


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