33 months

hi sir,

look at you, all big! almost 3! holy smokes! we were just at your friend simi’s birthday party this past weekend, and it’s just boggling my mind that you and your buddies and nearly not even toddlers anymore. and none of you have *toddle* of course for AGES. but even so. my goodness child. this growing, you need to slow it down. A LOT.

you have a tiny bit of a belly, which your papa and i love. you weigh about 28 lbs, which is awesome, and are about 36 inches, which is crazy. i am still carrying you on my back in the wrap, and pretty easily, i might add. i don’t know how long that will continue, but i hope for a little while longer. it’s not just easy to have you there for long walks or trips on the T, it’s snuggly, and i like having you close to me as you are getting bigger and squirmier and independentier. and for the most part you still like it too, which is nice. we are also taking your bike out more for long walks, and you are getting better at riding places to AND from without expecting me to carry you and the bike (you still would like me to do that, but you’re getting more accepting of the reality that i WON’T). this gives me hope for the spring for certain.

you’ve become a particular fan of your cats this month, even more so than last month. silver cat is your favorite, but you also like to snuggle teeny tiny cat too. the rest of the cats often come along grocery shopping and to various places we are hanging out around the house, but it’s silver cat and teeny tiny cat you take to bed with you or to class. they like to watch you eat breakfast or brush your teeth or pee or make dinner or eat dinner or really most anything you are up to. sometimes compito comes along too. and still sometimes your rubber ducks. but this month mostly it’s silver cat and her sidekick teeny tiny cat. last night when your papa did the bedtime routine with you while i was teaching a class, you snuggled them and pet them during it’s the great pumpkin charlie brown and while you were rocking to sleep. your papa almost couldn’t handle the cuteness.

you’re back to napping again. ish. really i don’t know what is going on, but that’s fine. some weeks you barely nap at all, others you nap almost every day. daylight savings really threw us all for a loop this year, and you’ve been needing to be in bed by 6:30 at the latest most nights. it’s pretty crazy, and a little bit annoying, honestly, but if we put you to bed too late, you are overtired and you wake up a bunch at night, whereas if we get you in there early enough, you’ll sleep a good 6-8 h. so it’s a worthy tradeoff, i suppose. even so, i won’t miss the naps once you’re really read to be finished with them. on the other hand, i’ve been able to catch up on some emails and other small chores this week.

you’ve been brushing your teeth yourself a lot this month. this is nice, because it really helps make sure we get the job done at all. usually you let us take a turn after you, but not always. i used to worry about how well you will have brushed them on days you won’t let us in there, but i realized that really the important thing is that someone is brushing them at all, and bonus that you’re building these good habits so early. your dentist suggested to me last month that i start flossing your teeth. i didn’t quite laugh in his face, and it’s not like i don’t see the benefit of flossing, but even HE didn’t try to floss your teeth while you were in his chair. we’ll introduce flossing for sure, just not quite yet.

you LOVED trick or treating this year. LOVE LOVE LOVED it. we went to lucas’ house and had dinner with our friends (well, you had a piece of cornbread and that was it) and then went to a bunch of houses with lucas (a cow), simi (little dog), and ezra (spiderguy). eamon was long too, but it was so warm (!) and gorgeous, he opted out of his tiger sleeper for fear of over heating. as it was, you only had on underpants under your fleece costume and your hair was still all matted and sweaty when we took the hood off your head at the end of the night. we went to about 6 or 7 houses on lucas’ street and then headed home to our street for a few houses we knew would want to see you and then we came home to check out your haul and to go to bed. you were sad not to go to more places, and you talked about wanting to go trick-or-treating again for days. it was tough to have to deal with only getting to have one night of awesome. believe me, kid, your papa and i totally understand. you were interested in your halloween candy, and we let you eat as much as you wanted, but honestly there was very little that you liked. i’ll be interested to see how that changes next year and the year after. but it was nice to have one more year of getting to just get rid of the junk.

halloween also was the beginning of your understanding that some things can be scary. you loved reading a bunch of halloween books, even if they gave you the heebie-jeebies. but it broke my heart a little too, to see you worrying a little bit about the dark and the things that might be there when the light wasn’t on — ideas from some of the books we read, even if they were fun and not intentionally spooky. still, it didn’t stop you from wanting to read them, and i take that as a good sign. we also held your hand with you in the dark when you needed it (and still do) and put the lights on if you needed that too. and we take the cats with us (they are very brave and good at scaring other things away) and also we fart at monsters so they will leave, which you think is fun and silly, which helps with the scary too.

this month papa went away for 5 days. and you know what? we did great! it was a little tough, because it was right after daylight savings and it was before i realized you needed to be getting to bed earlier, so we were both a little more tired than usual. but ultimately, it was awesome. we missed papa a lot (especially since we were going to bed SO MUCH EARLIER than he was, and we didn’t get to talk with him much), but we made a good team. and then luckily papa had that next wednesday off, so we had a nice middle of the week treat to have him at home with us not on the weekend.

and you and papa are really starting to develop your own gus-and-papa games and activities. you and papa get up together on the weekends so i can catch up on much needed sleep (and actually, papa and i are taking turns getting up with you during the week too, since you are getting up at 5:30 many days of the week now! ugh!). if i get up earlier than you would have liked you get very frustrated with me and tell me to go back to bed! it’s so sweet to hear you and papa being silly in the morning while i get to snuggle under the covers a little while longer. and you and papa really like the together time too.

you’ve also become rather hooked on writing letters this month. although we’ve sent many letters to many people, nana and grandpa, uncle adam, auntie and uncle t, pappy and grandma, pig-pig, in the past, this month you are particularly keen on the idea of writing letters to pappy. you’ll pull the paper and markers out yourself, scribble down a little note, and then have if halfway stuffed into an envelope before i even realize what you are doing. i love that you love writing letters, and we have a lot of fun putting the stamps on and thinking of special messages we want to include and writing the address and biting the envelope and then walking or biking it to the mailbox. since we hardly ever mail anything anymore, it’s nice to see all those stamps being used too.

now we’re almost to thanksgiving and the rest of the winter holidays. this year has gone so fast! we’re looking forward to all the food and friend and family time. each time we celebrate the holidays each year they get more and more exciting as you are able to participate more and more fully. who knew, for example, that trick or treating as a grownup could be even more fun than when i was a kid? you make everything new and exciting again. and your papa and i are so grateful to get to enjoy all these beautiful moments with you!




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