everything old is new again

playgrounds without meetups have been tough for us for the past few weeks-to-months. gus just wasn’t getting into hanging out at a playground for every long if there weren’t any kids around. and if it wasn’t kids we knew, it always made/makes me nervous, because it’s totally anybody’s guess how receptive they’ll be to his playing with/stalking them. it’s GREAT when kids we don’t know play with — it’s so cute and he’s SO HAPPY — but it’s SO HEARTBREAKING when they ignore him or clearly don’t want him around. but when there are no kids at all, it was if he just wasn’t sure what to DO with himself at a playground. he would have me come on the play equipment with him, but i could always tell it just wasn’t as fun (for either of us, honestly, because i am too lazy to play at playgrounds right now).

but today after we went to mail a letter, he decided to check out our usual playground, and when i offered that we could ride over to another one close by that might have more kids he declined. i was surprised. lately he wants to move onto something else when confronted with empty playgrounds. today he had a renewed interest! it was so cute. he ran around and played on everything. he asked me to do some things with him, but it seemed more because he wanted to play together than because i was the only poor substitute available. he was even disappointed when jeremy came because he thought it meant we had to leave — we didn’t; we played for another half hour or so.

oh it’s so nice to know playgrounds are fun again with or without friends! although we’ve had some gorgeous days, we hardly ever see anyone out the afternoons we make it anymore, and i was dreading figuring what the hell to do with ourselves as the days get shorter and colder in the next few weeks. and now i think, phew, we CAN get out and about and i don’t have to worry that i dragged us out into the chilly air for no good times at all.

and ohmygoodness we really need to drag ourselves out into the chilly air while we still can! damn you, new england winters!


**EDIT: um, well, except the green st playground, apparently. we were meeting gus’ buddies lucas and maya there yesterday morning and we got there about 20 min before everyone else and he was SO. BORED. waiting. so, well, whatever. what do i know about this guy anyway??


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