there’s no place like home for the holidays

so apparently we’re buying a house. we sort of forgot to talk about this big decision, so i never really got around to posting about it. that and it was all stressful. and i was so sick to death from talking about the first place we looked it. i really didn’t want to live there at all, especially not to own one of those tiny little places (plus ugh lots of other things i didn’t like), but jeremy thought it would be a good investment and i felt like i should WANT to buy one of the condos. but i really didn’t want to. and really jeremy didn’t like them either. so that part was good.

and then while we were still deciding if we wanted to bail on the whole process or not (we thought we might at least see them when they were more finished to see if i would be wooed), we got a letter from the people who sell houses to poor people about another house that we might be qualified for. and for some reason i google mapped the address. and it turns out the house is in this really cute neighborhood we like that’s just up the street. so then we went to the open house. and we liked it. and so we thought we’d apply anyway and see what happened. and then we ended up having first choice of the available units (all duplexes with their own backyards and driveways). and then we kept saying well we’re not sure we want to buy but let’s at least take the next step and see what happens, and then oh yea, we got our commitment letter on friday. and we’re probably going to close the first week of december (well, i think that really hinges on whether i can get an appointment this week with some other folks to once again prove just how poor we really are).

so, um, yea.

and there are about a million things we need to do before we move and it’s really stressing me out. plus also there’s packing. which isn’t that big of a deal and i know that it will get down, but ugh, i hate knowing that it is coming and not really being able to do all that much about it because we need so much of the stuff in the mean time and we’re really not moving for about 3 weeks yet.

and also trying to find flooring that is not too expensive to install but is somewhat ethical and sustainable AND in our price range gives me such a headache. seriously who puts a white carpet just inside the front door?

and oh we would like to try to sell our fridge because it is TOO BIG for our kitchen. which is SO SAD because we never would have bought a fancy refrigerator if we ever thought we would have to get rid of it in less than two years! we thought we were making an investment! we could put it in our basement, but i really hope someone wants to buy it instead. we could use the money and it’s enormous and we have to take the damn doors off to get it out of the house and i’d really prefer that to be someone else’s problem if i can help it.

and the dryer is hooked up DIRECTLY TO THE WALL. which is what happens when your landlord’s brother in law does the electrical work for you. also we have an electric dryer and it’s a gas dryer hookup in the new place. damnit. another reason to sell the fridge — to pay for the 220 v line. at least the stove is gas.

but the new place has fancy things like a thermostat for each floor! whoa. and huge kitchen with tons of counter space. and a dishwasher (which is half exciting/half sad for jeremy). and tons of light. oh and, insulation.

it’s not perfect, but it’s really nice. i think we will like it there if all this business pre-moving day doesn’t kill me. we might even be moved in in time to put up a holiday tree. that would be so lovely.


6 thoughts on “there’s no place like home for the holidays

  1. wow!!!!!! so awesome!!! i am so excited for you guys! please keep me posted because mike and i might be able to come and help you guys pack/move!

  2. oh that would be so sweet if you wanted to come help/visit! we are hoping the second weekend of dec. it depends on the closing and whatnot. it’s all a bunch of hoeey i have to tell you, all those hoops and bells whistles.

    also i think we know what floor we are going to buy! i just have to shop around now for the best price. and no, i am not posting or telling anyone what it is, because i found information that said it was FSC approved AND made in the USA and i really don’t anyone screwing me over with more recent news about how they totally suck! hahaha.

  3. lillian that would be so great if you came! not just because the help would be awesome but we would love another visit for sure. and you were there when we first saw it too. you have been down since day 1

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