we had our third appointment with the midwife today. gus really looks forward to these as she has both little people AND train tracks. plus she has a gus stethoscope and some other cool toys he likes to check out. today he and papa read some books, too, including a hilarious one about a big brother getting a new baby in the family and being so mad about his mama having a big belly that he told he was going to throw her in the garbage. we need to get a few more books from the library about being a big brother again. especially ones where the big brother gets a little frustrated. i want gus to know that it’s okay to have some not-excited feelings about all this change too.

little chilly’s heartbeat was strong enough for jeremy to hear this time, which was cool. i forgot to ask what the bpm was, but by the finger clicks our midwife did it seemed to be just about what it was last time. he’s just one cm bigger than the weeks again this time, which is interesting to me: gus always measured exactly or smaller (this doesn’t mean anything. it’s just fun to think about the differences between the pregnancies). i gained 6 lbs in the last month, and 6 lbs in the 5 weeks before that. that seemed like tons to me, like i gained weight a lot more slowly last time, but that’s just bad memory. upon checking my chart, i can see that i gained 5 lbs in this month last time. but i was right about the measuring, gus was always a little small. neat.

just a quick note about my nursings, since i was so obsessed with them last time and so over them this time, i feel like i should say SOMETHING anyway: my nipples are getting DARK. i didn’t know they could continue to get darker with each pregnancy, so it’s an interesting surprise. also gus told me that we needed to get me new ones. at first he said it would only cost $46, but then he changed it to “$2 and some coins”. when i asked him why i needed new nursings he said because “they are silver” (although i think he meant “sore”, which makes me feel sad, because we are definitely nursing much less because of that these days) and also because they are “dumb and old”.

i’m definitely looking pregnant, and we really need to get a belly picture up on here, at the very least to prove to little chilly that we love him just as much as we loved gus. but we’re just so lazy! maybe tomorrow.


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