almost like the baby dropping

we have a closing date. we bought out flooring and set up an estimation date (where they come and measure and then you decide what you want from what they suggest and you set up a time for them to actually install). we posted about the apartment (and someone is even supposed to come by and look at it). we have a bunch packed. we got rid of bunch of stuff on freecycle and even have sold a few things on ebay. we talked to the contractor about the carpet (it’s not glued down. whew) and the home inspection (all minor things that should be taken care of). we’ve listed (but haven’t sold yet) our fridge. we’re trying to make arrangements about our dryer. i transferred our life savings into our checking account so we can give it all away at closing. we have some moving dates set up with friends to help.

i’m still totally stressed but things are feeling a little less crazy. i feel like it all may actually come together. of course i’m ready to just be all moved in already and put the stress and insanity of these last few weeks (and few weeks to come) behind us, but at least i am starting to feel like i can see a teeny tiny light at the end of the tunnel. i can breathe a little bit now. i can even sleep a little bit. i can almost heave a big sigh.

thank goodness gossip girl is on tonight to take me away from it all for an hour before bedtime.



2 thoughts on “almost like the baby dropping

  1. I feel your pain, sister–though it sounds like you are far more prepared for your move than I am for mine. I keep trying to convince myself that it’s not that much stuff to pack, but I know that’s just a big fat lie. BTW, if not for the 3000-mile shipping issue, I would totally buy that fridge and dryer off you. Our new place has neither.

    Anyway, congrats on the new place and HOME OWNERSHIP! I am so excited for you.

  2. boo for needing to buy appliances! ugh what a pain. especially a fridge! what is up with laws that say landlords don’t have to supply fridges??

    good luck with your packing! every time i walk into a room in our house i get so sad looking at all the THINGS in it. we are maybe halfway packed but it feels like we have YEARS of work to do to be ready yet. ugh.

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