people who install white shag carpeting should be shot

or why my head is going to explode

or why i hate making decisions about flooring

or what i don’t care about the earth anymore

god. this whole business about replacing the carpet on the first floor is going to be the death of me and my unborn child. because, poor baby, when i go i’m taking you with me because that’s what kind of horrible mama i am.

we realized we bought the wrong kind of floor when we were at home depot on friday. so we’re going with floor from someone else. the irony being that if the woman had just sold us the floor we wanted in the first place we would have kept the same with them. but no, she knew what floor she wanted us to buy, and hey it sounded nice, and we didn’t realize at the time it wouldn’t work, so we let her convince us. honestly we just wanted the whole flooring decision to be over with and we wanted someone to tell us what we should do.

but then we talked to the contractor and we can’t use the flooring we bought with the subfloor we have. so all morning long i was crazy and frustrated and not sure what to do. i read about a million things online and boy do contractors sure hate the kind of subfloor we have — but what are we supposed to do about that, eh? buy a new house? *sigh*

so i drug gus to YET ANOTHER flooring store this afternoon but i think we found something pretty. that hates the environment (but pretends to like it) and that is supposed to be fairly durable. and not too expensive to install. and has a good long warranty. and doesn’t require too many extra supplements for installation. and should up the value of the house both monetarily- and desirability-wise. and so ultimately it’s a good investment even if it’s not quite what we had originally wanted to put down.

which we could still afford to put down but i’m really just not sure why we should spend almost $1000 more for when it will look almost as nice and it’s still way better than that stupid carpeting.

and honestly i’m about ready to throw some nice clean straw down and use an expression that the grandparents wouldn’t appreciate about how much i really don’t care anymore.

i guess the bonus is that the next time around we’ll have learned all this stupid information about flooring so if we ever have to make decisions about flooring again it won’t suck quite as hardcore as it does right now.

i can’t wait until this all over. my god.


5 thoughts on “people who install white shag carpeting should be shot

  1. “people who install white shag carpeting should be shot”. ditto.

    anytime i have flooring questions, i am coming to you.

  2. I kept forgetting to mention – parents found ridiculously cheap hardwood flooring at Costco (it was the only reason they’ve ever found to go in there, or join)
    They ripped out all the upstairs carpet in their house and put it down, and my dad installed it in this huge space he was renting to an art gallery.

    Then the gallery moved out, and a few weekends ago, he ripped it all out and is installing it in the house that my bro bought in Bloomfield. You basically just click it together and put trim around the edges. Looks super sleek. So jealous of the brother.

    Definitely worth looking into.

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