floors and glory

i’m so tired about talking about the floors, so i’m not going to go into all the details, BUT i just wanted to add that it seems like every time we do something about them more craziness ensues. and so it was yesterday. BUT ALSO we ended up going with a different floor than what we had planned ONCE AGAIN but it’s beautiful and i actually picked it up this morning and our incredibly sweet contractor opened the new house for jeremy to go drop it off (it’s laminate and it needs a minimum of 48 h to acclimate before it can be installed. which reminds me i need to call the floor installation guy and confirm a date with him — this week! yay! we went with this wood laminate over the bamboo because we wouldn’t be able to get the bamboo installed under after new year’s. SUCK. but now the floor will be in before we move! wahoo!)

we are supposed to close on monday morning at 10. everyone has confirmed and that shouldn’t change again. i am so sad that it’s on monday instead of later in the week because this whole weekend it’s all i can think about and i hate rushing the weekend away. when we visited the house on friday so they flooring people could do the measurements it was SO WARM. i am very excited to live in a warm house. oh so very excited.

jeremy handled bedtime last night WITH ME HERE. that was awesome for us both. we’re going to start taking turns on nap days so that jeremy gets more practice and gus gets more used to it and so i can take a break before the new little monster comes into our lives and takes all our precious sleep away.

we’re looking forward to moving in, if only so poor gus’ life can stop being so boring (his words). poor guy has been suffering through so many stupid moving and house buying activities for the past few weeks. our friends have been awesome with taking him for a few hours here and there, and that has helped a lot. and we’ve been trying to get out whenever we can, and that has helped too. but we will all be relieved when we can get back into a more fun routine.

and then, goodness, it will be the holidays! i guess we better do some, ahem, preparing for that too!


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