we were tired of living in a [cold] house

so we bought a warm one.

everything went through at the closing without a hitch yesterday morning. WE HAVE KEYS! it’s so crazy. yet so anti-climactic. after getting together tons and tons of paperwork and waiting and making  plans and arranging appointments etc, we just sign some papers and get handed some keys and that’s it (oh and after handing over tons of money. our savings account is totally hemorrhaging right now. poor savings account. on the other hand, it’s way less stressful to carry around my wallet or checkbook. if they get stolen i’m all, go ahead and enjoy that $35 buddy). we still came back to this cold, old, half-packed apartment. we still have lots of moving to do. and packing. we still have two fridges. we still have a swing set in the backyard i’m not sure what we’re going to do with (hoping that someone will come and take it, i’ve posted it’s freeness on a few places online, or that the landlord will say it’s okay to leave it for his great-granddaughters. otherwise we’ll have to pay to dump it somewhere. boo!). it feels like finals week in college, when you know that awesome winter break is coming up in just a handful of days, but you have SO MUCH BULLSHIT to get through before you can enjoy it. ugh. the packing is just hanging over my head right now, because there’s not a lot i can do until thurs and fri. most of everything that can be packed early has been. and so, while i will do a little packing and maybe some cleaning today, i just feel pretty antsy. and cold. because OMG new england decided to help me feel good and sure about the move to a place with INSULATION! HURRAH! by making it especially cold outside this week. and when it’s especially cold outside, it’s really @#^%$^!ING cold inside our house. brrrrrr.

still, lest anyone think we’re not excited, let me assure that we are in fact quite excited. our new floor *should* be installed this week in the measuring house before we move in, yay! we get to move a bunch of things in on thursday when jeremy takes a day off from work, yay! we have some really sweet and amazing friends who are going to help us out both thurs and sat (for the BIG move), yay! and we don’t have all that much cleaning to do AT ALL, so once we’re out we should pretty much be out except for maybe 2-3 hours of work at the most, yay! AND the girl we showed the place to IS in fact renting it in january, so we don’t even have to worry about our landlord missing out on any rent in the dead of winter, nice.

oh and as a small bonus, because we ended up closing in december instead of november, or first mortgage payment is due feb 1st instead of jan 1st. which means NO RENT/MORTGAGE for the first month of 2010! WAHOO! our savings account will be oh-so-grateful.

so. whew. wow. whoa. we’re homeowners.


3 thoughts on “we were tired of living in a [cold] house

  1. Ah yes–excellent analogy! But I am SO thrilled for you guys, beyond thrilled! Warmth is awesome,and so is a nice space where Gus can get even bigger, and little chilly too! Please send me your snailmail address!! Are you getting tanked on in Boston, because it is snowstorm central out here!!

  2. so sorry sister sister *HUGS*

    and yes we are getting totally crap weather right now ugh! snow and slush this morning that turned into lovely fat raindrops. blah. but at least it’s getting warmer, not colder, so hopefully no freezing roads tonight or anything!

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