so they are installing the new floor *right* now. i haven’t heard anything for a few hours, so i assume it’s all going okay. we are all waiting on a fedex delivery for these last two pieces (transition pieces for between the new floor and the kitchen and.. not sure where else if anywhere). it’s so stupid because we asked them to order them on friday. and then saturday. and then they didn’t actually order them until monday. and they didn’t get shipped out until YESTERDAY. which means they should arrive this afternoon, at which point i’ll run them over to the new place so they can finish the job today. and if worse comes to worst, the floor guy said they’d come back and do the last piece tomorrow. let’s just hope it doesn’t have to come to that, it would be nice to have it all finished today.

but YAY. it (well, it the floor) should be all finished TODAY (or tomorrow)!!

gus went to class by himself this morning and i did some more packing/cleaning around here. brought all but the last three things from upstairs (those are all yours pops) down, re-installed the shower doors in the bathroom (gus was so excited to see them when we got home from picking him up from class! it was very cute), packed up more of the kitchen (of which all but the floor is clean and ready for new tenants — hurray!), wiped the shower doors down. not a ton done but still nice to pack a bunch of things on my own for a change this week.

and also some other fingercrossing good news — it looks like our fridge is less than an inch too wide for the space at the new place!!!! i am going to measure AGAIN when i go back, but i think we can just shave off an inch of the overhang on the new counter and HURRAH! old fridge in new place! and then we can sell the fridge that comes with the house or keep it in the basement for overflow. oh that is so nice. plus our fridge is NOT WHITE (like the one in the house is now) which means way less cleaning of little dirty hand prints for mama to do. woohoo!

so yea, nothing’s a done deal yet, but maybe there are two good newses for today? i am trying not to get too excited, i am a colvin after all, and things usually get the darkest right after they start looking the brightest.. but still.. maybe hopefully yay??!!

**EDIT: as of 1727 our transition pieces (oh the irony of their being transition pieces.. sigh) are still “in transit”. and their webpage just updated itself to read “estimated delivery 10 dec 09.” oh, fedex, you sons of you-know-whos.


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