new digs

well, we are all moved in and almost all unpacked. the storage in the basement needs serious organization, but that will come eventually. we need to unpack the books, but that always takes awhile, because ONE of us is kind of a freak about how they get organized. and then we’ll out our misc thing baskets out and around. and we won’t put any thing up on the walls until we decide how and where and what we are painting the walls. but for the most part we are QUITE settled in. and that’s so nice.

the old place still needs to be cleaned — the floors need to be swept and mopped. the bathroom needs a quick wipe down. the baseboard in the bedroom needs to be disinfected because it is COVERED in mold — can i just say once again how NOT sad i am to not be in the old apartment anymore? it had a lot of lovely things about it and we liked living there, but there were some awful things — the mold, the cold, the darkness, fo example, that we WON’T miss.

and ugh the fridge is still there. apparently i ordered a uhaul truck without a ramp, so our strong dudes couldn’t move it. dumb of me. it’s still posted on craigslist. i really really wish someone would buy it. the old landlord is too cheap (we offered him a DEAL!) and the new tenatns have a free one available (damnit!). we might just have to let the new tenants have it for nothing, which is a bummer, but what can you do, i suppose.

i am hoping that later this week i can put a few lights up on the stairs up to our place and maybe a few around the living room. maybe get a wreath for our living room since i dont’ think we’ll get a tree this year — so sad.

but gus seems to like the new place (although he sometimes says he wants to go home,  poor baby) and he will like it even more once i stop trying to get everything organized around here and really start doing fun things with him again. but we are VERY CLOSE to those days, yay!and then it will be the holidays hurrah!


One thought on “new digs

  1. yay! but boo on no tree :/ but yay being moved in!!!!! i am sure once gus starts to appreciate the finer things of awesome new house (no mold, no cold) he will all but forget the old place.

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