moving along

well i took my rings off two nights ago — they still fit but i’m starting to get all tingly if i sleep on an arm wrong and that HURTS if it happens to be on the arm with the rings on my finger so i’ve pre-emptively prevented a serious pressure buildup. i did have to use dish soap to get the one off, though, so maybe i have a little swelling already after all because my hands were cold when i was trying to take them off.

and it looks like the colostrum came in some time over the weekend. we’re certainly over halfway there, now.

and ooh, i think i need to eat more fat. little chilly and i are having some SERIOUS holiday snack cravings. gus and i might be baking ridiculous amounts of cookies thursday morning.


2 thoughts on “moving along

  1. it is way different in every way — taste, texture, color — but i don’t know if he nurses enough to notice.

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