today was better

we cleaned the old apartment this morning — just picking up some random trash that was left, getting the last few things of ours off the walls and from the hall that didn’t quite fit and weren’t all that important to get home right away from moving day, sweeping/vacuuming, hemming the the curtain in the big bedroom with my leatherman (ha, that was so awesome), etc. gus rode around the place on his outside bike and i sprayed down the places with mold for a more thorough cleanup this weekend. it shouldn’t take more than two hours, and that’s being mighty generous. the poor fridge of my love needs to be wiped down, but that shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes either.

the old place looks so much smaller without all our stuff in it, which is so funny to me. the layout there is a lot more open and the rooms there are actually all bigger, but i guess without our stuff in it and all the extra space between our things to look at, it’s hard to “see” that it’s more space. it was a sort of dreary (but warm, compared to this weekend) day, so it was looking especially dark over there too. although it felt sort of surreal to hang out at the playground we used to hit up most back in jp after, i felt right at home in our old play spot, i don’t miss the old apartment at all. we loved living there and it was an AMAZING find coming from our old place right on washington and i will definitely miss the location (i get sad whenever we drive past franklin park) (although we have a very nice amount of green space around us now too, it’s not quite franklin park!), but it doesn’t even feel like home. and that’s nice.

the new place is really getting set up. the rooms are smaller and the living room in particular is much smaller than our old one, but instead of us feeling cramped (and we were a little worried about that), we actually feel quite cozy in here. we still have plenty of space for gus to build a marble track and block towers and i can do my morning exercises in here (although anything more elaborate than what i already do would require me going up to the mostly empty guest bedroom/office). it doesn’t feel tight or claustrophobic, although i suppose when we have folks over that will change a little. but it’s nice. we like it here. our things look nice here. but it’s also so bizarre that we live here now, that we OWN here. it will take some getting used to for sure, but in a good way. we are getting a holiday tree after all (!) and that will help with the holiday-feelingness. gus is very excited at the idea of picking out a tree and decorating it.

we stopped at a toy store this morning after the cleaning, playgrounding, and a little bit of grocery shopping. i wanted to get gus this magentic flipbook thing for the plane trip to PA. he was so excited to pick one out and then he asked if we could choose a birthday present for his cousin evelyn. i said yes, but for christmas, not her birthday, and he chose something very cute for her after spending a considerable amount of time weighing his options around the place. i was a little worried about taking him into a toy store and getting out unscathed, but he totally was satisfied with our two purchases and didn’t push for anything else. it probably helped that we didn’t swing by the train set aisle, though.

we did a lot of snuggling on the couch after lunch, which was so sweet and fun. he was into pretending our couch blankets were eggs and we were dinosaurs cracking out of them. and we read the same two books about 5 times each. yeesh. but we haven’t spent a good amount of time just hanging out lately, so it was soooooooo good to get some time together with nothing else to be working on, FINALLY. plus that’s probably the reason he was so willing to let me in the front door after i accidentally locked myself out of the front door this afternoon. THANK GOD he knows how to turn door knobs! although i guess that would have been as good a reason as any to meet our neighbors: hicaniuseyourphonebecauseOHMYGODilockedmyselfoutofthehouseandmyalmostthreeyearoldisinthereALLALONECRAPHELP!!!

he has the poem we’ve been reading him every night for the last almost two weeks almost totally memorized. it’s not that long, but we only read it once a night, so we were both pretty shocked that he memorized it so quickly. i always forget what little sponges these babies are at this age. it’s pretty amazing and gorgeous to hear him recite it. and we love how much he clearly enjoys our evening candle lighting ritual.

and then he asked jeremy to do bedtime with him tonight, which was so cute. we’ve been taking turns and it was my night, but how could jeremy refuse requested snuggle time?

days like today make me feel so lucky.


2 thoughts on “today was better

  1. Yay for the new house! Ivan is completely obsessed with trains, too. There is a little ride-on train that drives around the mall during the holidays and he almost lost his mind when he saw it. He’s getting a train set for Christmas, I can’t wait.

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