lopsided love

we got a holiday tree after all. gus and i were really missing one. when i asked him if he wanted to get a holiday tree he said “oh yes! we forgot about that!” we don’t have a lot of space, so we promised to get a small one. the first one gus picked out was way too big, but then we found literally the smallest tree they were selling and he fell in love with it. i found a few others that probably would have been an okay size, but he only wanted the second one we found. it was small enough to fit in our trunk, but that’s okay, since it was just gus and me and there is a good chance i couldn’t have carried a slightly bigger tree up our stairs anyway. we put on holiday music and decorated the three together. it was a little bit tough for him — the waiting to set the tree up, to untangle the lights, to put the lights on — but worth it. he had a hard time putting decorations on at first, but then he got the hang of it. you can tell his favorite spot, because that’s where pretty much all the ornaments he decorated with are. and it’s totally leaning to one side because i coudln’t quite get it straight all by myself. but it’s beautiful. and it smells SO GOOD in the living room right now. and i’m so happy we got to get a tree this year! yay! it feels a little bit more like the holidays at home now.


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