and the insulation is so delightful

so everyone on the east coast has been smashed by a big crazy blizzard. it’s kind of hilarious to me that we folks up here in boston were the last of everyone to be hit — some time after 10 last night. all i know is when little chilly woke me up to pee last night at about 0130 or so, there were several inches on the ground and a good fit coming down. a mere 5 hours later (dear sir was up at 0545 this a.m.), the snow is still coming down. we haven’t received the white stuff in the epic proportions that some places have (DC has over 20 inches of snow for example. HO MAN those folks must be FREAKING. OUT.), but we’re getting a fair bit. we have plans to get out and in it later this morning, you know, like after THE SUN COMES OUT for example. jeremy and i are feeling a little bummed that we didn’t get around to buying a sled for gus yet, but we do have these big cookie sheets i think we’re going to give a try. and if not those, i think we might try a big ol’ cardboard box. we’re nothing if not resourceful around these parts.

since everyone i know is posting photos of their (way more impressive) snow storms, here is the view from our front and back porches at about 0600 this morning:

(actually, the one and only thing i am missing about the old place in the middle of this blustery snowstorm is the view. there were some trees across the street and next door that always looked so pretty when snow covered. here everything is either brand new or very old and right on our street there are not many big old trees to be found) (on the other hand, our house is ACTUALLY WARM. i think i can sacrifice the norman rockwell christmas photo opp)

they are saying at least 7 inches in boston, with the possibility of up to 15 by the end of the day, although things are supposed to slow down in the early afternoon. we don’t have anywhere to go, so we don’t mind. let it snow let it snow let it snow, etc.


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