snowy day

we got the books all unpacked this morning. gus drove jeremy crazy by trying to help him organize his stacks. my system is a lot less complicated, so i encouraged gus to help me break down the boxes instead. he got a great deal of satisfaction from pulling the tape off and dragging the boxes around, so it wasn’t a totally boring morning for him. but he was so desperate for jeremy to play with him and not do the books that he actually followed him upstairs and helped with handing jeremy his beard shaving implements just to hurry him along. poor baby. they DID then play in gus’ playroom for a bit, though, so all was well.

after lunch we all went out into the snow for a bit. papa and gus did the shoveling (papa with our brand new hey-we-own-a-house-we-ought-to-be-a-snow-shovel-and-just-in-time-too shovel and gus with this little metal yellow bucket we got from the delicious fruit basket housewarming gift our good friends in MD sent us) and mama did the sweeping. luckily it was a really light powdery snow, so i could just use the broom to sweep off the car, back porch and a few steps, and then the front steps after jeremy got the big drifts of snow off them. then gus and i attempted to sled in the backyard a little bit while jeremy finished up a bit of the driveway. the snow was pretty deep, so without a real sled, it was slow going. for the first couple of tries gus just sank down into the snow. first we tried some cardboard, then a cookie sheet, then finally we had some success with the plastic wrap from one of the laminate boxes for our floor. probably i could have pulled the cardboard back out after we’d smoothed a little bit of a path down, but i was tired of dragging that kid up and down the hill. ha!

gus and i went to the playground after the backyard and played a bit on the snowy play equipment. there’s a really fun, high, fast slide that he likes to go down when there’s no snow, and i wasn’t really thinking about it at all when he climbed up to it today. boy do snow pants and snow make for a slick ride! he zipped down and slid a good two feet into the snow after the slide ended. we both laughed and laughed. it was SO. FAST. he of course went down several more times. it almost made up for our pathetic sledding attempts (we really have to get a sled when we get back from the holidays!) — although gus did think sliding on the plastic was good silly fun and probably only i was a little disappointed at those results.

we met a few neighbors who were out shoveling, and someone came by and plowed our street 4-5 times today. it’s nice to know that we won’t be too snowed in THAT street- or sidewalk-wise this winter.

i suggested to gus that we have some hot cocoa and cookies together when we came in from the cold. he said that NO! he just wanted water. kids are so weird.

and then we read some books and played some games and made dinner and did our candles and now gus is sleeping and jeremy and i are watching the steelers lose in the 4th quarter. again.


post snow snuggle. note the still rosy red cheeks on sir.


One thought on “snowy day

  1. yes mike wallace DID do that!!!!!! i jumped up and down and shouted very loud. which is good that i didnt watch the game with my packers rooting friends!

    little sir looks so cute with papa!!

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