apparently no nap + snow times = sleeping through the night last night for the second time in the past week. we went out again today, although i don’t know if we’ll have the same results. i think it definitely does help to get the boy run around a bit though for sleepy times. that’s one thing we’re really going to have to work on this winter. he loves the snow, though, so that makes it easier to get out in the cold at least. at bedtime tonight he fell asleep in less than 15 minutes and i didn’t have to sing or tell any stories or anything. we just snuggled up close and lay there quietly. he told me he loved me three different times and then finally he fell asleep. it might have just been the best bedtime ever.

it took us quite awhile to get out today. i didn’t want to go out first thing in the morning, it was supposed to get up to 30 this afternoon, so i figured we go out around 2 or 2:30 and catch the last bit of sunshine for about an hour in the snow.

it was a stressful morning because i was waiting to see if this person who said she wanted to buy our fridge would actually make a deposit by paypal and arrange to pick it up tomorrow like she promised when i called to check in this morning. and i was freaking out a little bit because the new tenants were supposed to move in today and i was worried they would have brought THEIR fridge and then no one would get OUR fridge and OH the stress thinking about all the possible horrible scenarios.

and she never paid but the new tenant said she hasn’t had a chance to pick the keys up because of the weather so *whew* we at least have until tomorrow morning to tell her there is already a fridge.

and then i was stressing about calling the floor people to OHMYGOD PLEASE when are you going to come and put the transition pieces in for the floor because we can only return the one they aren’t going to use until jan 5th. but i’ve called the guy, like, 5 times, and i’m SO TIRED of calling.

and we were waiting and waiting to see if the garbage collectors would take all of our garbage. and that was stressful too.


but gus and i had a good morning anyway. we ate some good food and he had a good lunch and we read lots of books and snuggled and did some projects together. and some of our new garbage cans came (for the bathrooms. and the one for the kitchen was supposed to come tomorrow and now it’s been re-scheduled for weds. and we won’t be here. and i am so mad about that because it was guaranteed to arrive by the 21st) and that was exciting. and when we were putting the old bathroom garbage can down in the basement for lint gus saw the dollhouse i got for him from freecycle and was going to put out tomorrow for our special solstice family day. so we brought it up and cleaned it off and he was very excited/disappointed — because he wanted to play with it but i had to glue some pieces back on and so he couldn’t touch it yet. but tomorrow we will play and i have some bunnies at my parents (i hope we can find them) that we are going to bring back with us for it yay!

and then i finally called about the floor and the guy called me right back to say that actually he was sorry that he hadn’t gotten a chance to call me yet today but that his guys were supposed to be over this afternoon (*sigh* i’d heard THAT before). so we decided to stay in the neighborhood (we were maybe going to go meet some friends to play in the snow) just in case and WHAT DO YOU KNOW THEY SHOWED UP. and then, ha, one of the transition pieces was broken anyway, so we can’t return it after all. hahahaha. sometimes life really has it out for me. it wasn’t very expensive at all, it just would have been nice to return it. ah well. at least the floor is finished! yay! what a weight off my shoulders.

and then the garbage collectors came but they didn’t take all our garbage. and i was SO. MAD. but i am over it now. i have a new plan. and they can suck it, is all i have to say about that for now. oh, and this is war, now, garbage collectors. just fyi.

so we got out later than we wanted to, and i had to kick gus’ ass a little bit to get him out the door, but we finally got out a little after three. and spent a good half hour playing in front of our house on the sidewalk, throwing snow, climbing on the snowbank from the snowplow, stomping on snow, pretending snow was dog food, pretending snow was cat food, pretending it was cake, pretending to eat all three, etc. i kept trying to get him to go down the street to the playground, but he wouldn’t go until i finally said it was time to go in (i was getting cold just standing around!). and then he was all “let’s go to the playground!”. but i didn’t mind, because i only wanted to go in because i was cold and bored and really the longer he was out and playing the better (see above re: bedtime. whoot!).

and then at the playground — a solstice surprise! and one i sorely needed to lift my dark mood. someone had left their sled behind. so we got to zip down the hills! or, at least, gus did. i was total dead weight when we rode together, completely slowed us down. but the sled was nice and gus could ride it all by himself no problem. so we went up and down the hills 7 or 8 times and it was SO FUN. he really really liked it. the little hills at our playground are such the perfect size for almost 3 yr olds! and then he went in the swing for a minute and almost fell asleep, so very cute.

and then we came home and watched the walter matthau narrator version of the grinch on you tube while gus ate tons of dinner. and then he and i ate the last sugar cookies for dessert with bright yellow frosting for solstice (sunshine colored!). and then we lit ALL the solstice candles and read the poem TOGETHER. and then he went straight to bed and oh, the snuggles. and THAT was a perfect end to the day. getting out in the snow with sweet sir was just what i needed.

and then when i came downstairs i saw that the woman had sent me the deposit for the fridge after all. AND sent an email about what time to meet tomorrow morning. huh. and i won’t relax about the fridge until it’s actually GONE. BUT. it looks like we may actually be selling it. for cheap. but it’s nice to get a *little* for it. and nice to know that it should be out of the apartment and out of the new tenants’ way before they get in there. and so that’s another weight almost lifted. yay!



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