34 months

dear boy,

happy late monthly newsletter as always! i can’t believe how rapidly we are approaching your 3rd birthday! sometimes i look at you and you are SO BIG AND TALL. AND SO KID. it’s astonishing and of course always too fast. but you are so incredibly fun too. we adore even more than even, which is so hard to imagine, since you have already been so sweet and precious and amazing all this time. but the older you get, the more you can do, and the more silly and fun things you say and do and we do together. having you in our lives is such a joy and we are so grateful.

it’s also excellent that we are already pregnant with little chilly, because if not, well this age is too dangerously fun! starting over seems so much less appealing when we know just how long we have to wait to get to the really good parts 🙂 although waiting for little chilly with you has been really lovely too. you really enjoy visiting the midwife (you love the stethoscope she has to you to use, and plus she has a train set and little people that you love as well), you love kissing my belly, you even like the train ride we take to cambridge. we have a book about getting a new baby that you like to read and you like to talk about the things you will teach chilly because you are big and little chilly will be oh so very little in the beginning. you even instructed some new friends of ours about how little chilly will get squeezed out of my pelvis. i like that you know and are interested in these things. we are starting to make plans about how you will be around for attending the birth, which is exciting and crazy to think of that it’s coming soon enough that we want to start making a plan.

the biggest news of this month is that papa and i now are taking turns tucking you in at night! that means we are nursing a lot less, which i am bittersweet about and you are not a particularly huge fan of. but it also means that some nights i actually stay up past your bedtime because i don’t fall asleep in bed with you! and that papa gets some snuggle time at bedtime that he always was missing before. and that you are sleeping much more through the night than you used to (what with the less nursings and all), and that is good for all of us. i still end up coming over and snuggling you in your bed a lot of nights, and every once in awhile you come snuggle up with us, but we are getting a really good routine in and that’s exciting.

the other big news is that we bought a house and moved into it this month! this has been hard for a lot of reasons: (1) buying a house is stressful. it is never fun for anyone when both mama and papa are stressed; (2) packing is stressful. it is not only not fun it is AWFUL being stuck in the house with an always packing mama; (3) getting sent away with friends all the time is fun at first and then NOT very fun at all, and that has happened to you A LOT this month; (4) you are not really sure you want to move anyway. the good news is, since this letter is so late, i can include a spoiler: like your mama and papa, you know like the measuring house very much and don’t seem to miss our old apartment anymore at all. yay! you have a lovely, beautifully sunny new playroom here, didn’t seem to have any sleep transition issues (which i expected and was prepared for but was happy not to have to deal with, i have to be honest), and like giving people tours. we’re already all unpacked and settled in, and that’s oh so very nice for all of us.

you’ve really gotten into counting things this month (although you can still be rather creative with your numbers), but particularly you like ticking things off with your fingers. for example, when we tell you how many (youtube sesame street) movies you may watch before bedtime, you like to hold up the right number of fingers and count down as we watch each one. 5 and 4 and 1 are easy, but 3 and 2 are hard (you point this out every time). it’s very cute to see you practice counting this way.

getting you dressed can be something of a challenge, so you and your papa somehow ended up coming to an interesting compromise — the underpants dance. you do this dance nearly every single time you get dressed. it’s kind of a pain, honestly. i’d really rather you just put your damn clothes on already. on the other hand, it’s an almost guarantee that you get dressed if we sing the underpants dance while you dance around in just your skivvies (followed by the pants dance, the shirt dance, the socks dance, you get the picture..). the hilarious thing is that you have a very specific dance that you do just for the underpants and for no other songs. as trying as it is for my patience sometimes, i DO love how creative and silly you are, and how much you love dancing and music, even if it means some things take a little longer some times.

speaking of trying, another interesting game you like to play this month is to ask us what every single @#%^ thing we are looking at, reading, talking about, or playing with is saying. it takes us four times as long as it used to to get through a book, because you want to know what every picture on the page is saying. i used to make things up for you, but i have to be honest, i do not do this so much anymore. i’d like to say i’m at least always polite about telling you that i don’t know what the [whatever] is saying, but that wouldn’t be entirely true either. sigh. but again, i love that you are so curious and love to know things. i really do. i’m just, you know, ultimately a very lazy mama.

you are into dressing yourself a little bit these days. you can almost put your pants on by yourself, which is pretty cool to see, and you prefer to zip your pajamas up yourself  (or unzip them) most of the time. and speaking of pajamas, did i mention that you are totally obsessed with one particular pair of them? perhaps obsessed is over stating, but the fact of the matter is, there is only one single pair of pajamas that you would like to wear to bed any given night of the week. ever. you can only be convinced to wear a different pair if, the heavens forbid it from happening, the red pajamas happen to be dirty. which they are at least once a week because i never, ever, get around to doing the laundry in a timely manner. you are ok with wearing a different pair when the red pair is dirty, although you do like to give some input on which pair that would be, so it’s not a major crisis. but you really aren’t interested at all in being convinced to wear another pair if the red ones are clean. and so, you wear them pretty much every night. well, they are cute and cozy, so at least i know you are warm enough at night, even if i think you are a little bit crazy.

in the food category, you’re eating more things all the time. and this never gets old for your papa and me. you like apples sometimes now and you love making tea — although it’s hit or miss really about whether or not you actually will drink it once it’s made (so i’ve been drinking a lot of tea this month). you eat a whole little bowl of cereal for breakfast in the mornings, and you love grits on the weekend with papa. you like nut butter and jam on toast. you will sometimes eat very very small pieces of broccoli and do fine with greens in soups (although not in anything else so far).

you’ve been reading alone to yourself more and more and it’s so cool to watch. you LOVE books and you love going to the library and choosing books for yourself and books that you think either i or your papa will like. you definitely have favorites from time to time, and these you will have us read over and over and you will read over and over yourself. your papa and i are such book nerds that i can’t say enough how exciting it is to see you still loving books this much.

you’re an old pro at the potty now. like all kids your age, there are accidents here and there, but really we can go just about anywhere and do just about anything and not have to worry to terribly much about the potty situation. we still check in with you from time to time, as you’ll still go hours and hours with peeing if you’re in the middle of something interesting, and this drives me crazy. but for the most part, when you have to go, you just tell us and we take you. the only time we ever really have any problems seems to be bedtime. we really prefer that you pee one last time before we tuck you in at night (unless you’ve just peed in the last 45 min or so) and that used to be not such a problem. let it annoys you that we ask this, and it can be quite a struggle to get you to agree to at least go and “try”. our solution, then? competitive peeing. yes, that’s right, the one thing that seems to work the most often lately to inspire you to do your pre-bed-void is papa suddenly getting up off the couch, racing to the bathroom, and declaring that he is going to “pee first”. that papa might actually get there and pee before seems to really get under your skin and so you’re usually persuaded by papa’s actions to race after him yelling that NO! YOU! WILL PEE FIRST! it seems a cruel way to get you to pee before bed time, i know, but it’s somewhat less cruel, i think, than your having to drag yourself to the bathroom a few hours later from the bed (which definitely has happened from time to time). i loathe having to get up in the middle of the night to pee (and it happens quite a lot these days), so really, i’m just trying to help you out my little friend!

and finally, perhaps my favorite of your new developments for this month, is your new defamatory phrase. when you’ve very angry, and you don’t want to do something, or eat something, or wear something. when you don’t want to go somewhere, or live somewhere, or leave somewhere, you declare whatever situation it is we are trying to get you on board for as “DUMB! AND OLD!”.  how you have figured out that these are both terrible things, i’ll never now, but it often really helps my patience in a meltdown situation when you screech that you do not like something because of it’s dumb-and-oldness. honestly it’s very cute and sweet they way you show how very very angry you are about something by declaring it too dumb and old for your tastes. i do not laugh when you say this, because i know you are very serious and very upset, but i am your mother and i do find if very adorable and charming and i apologize that i sometimes have a very hard time not giggling in these situations. and at the same time, it’s so very cool to see you asserting and expressing yourself so strongly when you are upset. it might be adorable and cute, but it’s also so impressive to see you using your words to express your anger or frustration instead of just crying or hitting like you did when you were smaller. you’re growing up, my little boy, and what a wonder and privilege it is to experience this journey with you.

all my love, always,



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