the good part

we had another appt on friday. another cm ahead for chilly. another two lbs for mama  (that puts me at 138 1/2, i think) (it’s always something-and-a-half, which i think is funny). pulse, in the 70s, blood pressure, 112/68, or something. chilly bpms, in the range. and then i was just thinking when i was in the shower saturday morning about how much i really do like this part of pregnancy. i like my belly. it’s not very big compared to some folks, but it’s big for me. and it’s cute. i like my body very much from right around the beginning of the 3rd trimester until right about around the end. it’s the one time that i pretty much have no complaints about it vanity-wise. funny, because i wouldn’t think a belly this huge and bloated without a baby in it to be particularly attractive. but with a baby, i just like it a lot. i like my silhouette and i like to see my belly get all red in the shower and i even like taking showers when i am this pregnant (although still not as often as jeremy would like me to like taking showers). i like that chilly can almost not move at all without me knowing, ’cause s/he’s getting so big. i like that, therefore, i feel little chilly a lot more than i have for most of the pregnancy so far, what with this damn anterior placenta and all. we were really hoping for a posterior one this time around. oh well. this is the time that i really “feel” pregnant. you know, now that i’m 2/3 of the way through.

and then, ohmygod, chilly must have had a growth spurt or something over the weekend. I ATE SO MUCH. it was amazing. and awesome. and bizarre. both days i ate about two entire meals at each mealtime. and then sunday i slept in until 0900. and had to lay down on the couch for an hour in the evening because i was so beat. SO. BEAT. so tired i was worried about parenting gus for the next few months, because OMFG if i was THIS TIRED when jeremy was home WHAT was i going to do when he wasn’t??

and then monday and today i’ve been tired, but nothing more than the usual. pregnancy is so weird.

but because i was so exhausted, i took up a friend’s offer to take gus for the afternoon one of these days this week. i’ve been trying not to do that if i can help it, he was really starting to feel a little bit abandoned when we were preparing for the move, but i thought, ho man, i’m really going to need help this week for sure! and then i foolishly planned for a day when i had to make dinner, so i spent most of my free time making homemade ravioli. HOMEMADE RAVIOLI! OH MAN THEY LOOK SO GOOD! and i am SO going to have babies with that pasta machine. it is AWESOME. it took my longer to put the damn pasta drying rack together than it did to make the raviolis. i am not taking that thing apart again any time soon, although i have no idea where i am going to put it then in the meantime. hmm.

anyway, it turns out even though it might have been nicer just to lay around for a few hours, it just felt good to prep some food for dinner and watch a cheesy show on netflix and not have to talk to or entertain anyone for a little bit. and then sitting down here on the couch feeling a few kicks all by myself before i go pick gus up i realized how little time i’ve actually had to myself this pregnancy. poor little chilly, we really haven’t bonded in the same way that i used to with gus. it was nice to just sit for a minute and just be pregnant, here by myself, quietly, not having to be anywhere or to do anything for a few minutes.

it’s crazy to think we’re going to meet little chilly soon. it’s wonderful. it’s so nice to be close enough to the end of the pregnancy to really appreciate how our lives are all going to change so much so soon, but still to have enough time left to appreciate how wonderful things are right now, too.


2 thoughts on “the good part

  1. haha thats less than i weigh normally! 🙂 but yay for chilly growing and growing, second-time mama! its funny how big bellies do and don’t get;another friend of mine (granted she is farther along) has had an enormous belly the whole time, like huge to the point you’d think maybe she was having twins! its amazing, all these big and beautiful bellies!!

    and im coveting your pasta machine. not that i would ever have time to use it. le sigh.

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