a journey of 1000 steps

i’m getting bigger and slower. we need to photo the belly. i think chilly dropped, the heartburn that was significantly helped by acupuncture seems to have all together gone away, and the belly looks lower too, plus my cervix feels a bit cramped and/or pinched from time to time. but i still lose my breath pretty easily, going up the stairs quickly or up our steep steep hill on the way home from the T. longer walks make me more tired carrying gus, but it still feels good to be able to do it — he doesn’t feel heavier, i just feel more tired at the end of them. but i just sort of plod along determinedly and i don’t think about it and anyway we get where we are going without taking too much longer than usual. it’s just that my legs feel a little heavier these days. but we’re still getting out probably as much as we would be in this kind of weather if i wasn’t pregnant and that feels good. and we’ve been getting out quite a bit more due to the slightly warmer weather and lack of snow and that feels really good. it’s just funny to finally be feeling pregnant after, oh, say 2/3 of it has gone by already.


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