so long, farewell

i lost my nethers some time this week. i totally forgot that this happens, ha! but one minute it was there and the next, well, hello big belly. i guess my toes are next, although i can’t even remember if that happened with gus last time or not.

we had another midwife appt today. our midwife who, it turns out, caught tom brady’s wife’s baby in their home. hilarious. of all the famous people from massachusetts to share a midwife with, it had to be stupid tom brady?

chilly is spot on this week in cm and i gained SIX POUNDS in the last two weeks! hahahaha. wow, i’ve been gaining about 6 lbs in 5-6 wks up until now, and then, well, i guess that was a serious growth spurt a few weeks ago after all. same old same old news, my blood pressure is freakishly low (104/58), heart rate (70), chilly’s heartbeat is strong and lovely and right on (still didn’t remember to ask bpm’s), and weirdly i have almost no arm or leg hair anymore (well, except for this one weird strip on each shin!) (pregnancy is so weird).

i’m still tired a fair amount, but that’s partly because i haven’t been able to sleep in on the weekends very much lately because of childbirth classes and gus not letting jeremy get up with him. but jeremy goes in late tomorrow and he and gus are buddies again at least in the morning, so i will sleep in and that should help quite a bit. and last week i took a nap while gus was in class and slept HARD. CORE. so i think i’ll be trying to do a little more of that too — maybe one nap a week until chilly gets here.

we are getting really excited for the birth. not in the same way as with gus — where i was all GET THIS BABY OUT OF ME ALREADY. more, like, just excited to MEET the little guy (or gal, i suppose).

we got a list of supplies to get together for the birth, so that will be fun too. i’ve been loving freecycle for that — we just got all the disposables we’ll need for the first few days of meconium, for example, and they are 7th generation to boot! whoot!

we have one more appointment at deborah’s place in two weeks and then she starts coming here. whoa.


3 thoughts on “so long, farewell

  1. we ARE super excited about the homebirth, actually, as crazy as that might sound to some folks. also am super excited that i just swept and mopped the kitchen and the living room. now only the entire second floor is trashed. sigh.

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