so the birthday gifts are starting to secretly pile up in the front hall (and guest bedroom, for one rather enormous package) closet(s). somehow we’ve been able to sneak all but the very first one (a few weeks ago, and let me tell you what kind of good times THAT was. boy lost his mind that day and then every day for the next week and then every other day for the week after.. sigh. almost 3 yr olds are the opposite of champions of delayed gratification) into the house without gus noticing. i’m starting to get really really excited for sunday! this is the first time that gus REALLY gets what having a birthday can mean. at least — as far as HE is concerned, it means CAKE AND PACKAGES!!! which, well, sometimes i think that’s all it really needs to mean for him anyway 🙂 we’re going to go to the zoo to keep up the birthday tradition for one more year, and then we’ll come home and have lunch and skull cupcakes and open packages. and then next week we’ll have his playmates and their families over for snacks and a skeleton cake (ideally, he would like cupcakes AND a cake for his birthday, but i feel like that is more baking than mama really feels like she can handle). nothing too fancy or crazy, but it’s fun to see how excited he is getting anticipating the cakes and packages. he picked out some winnie the pooh candles today. i’ve been figuring out how i am going to make an entire skeleton on a sheet cake and deciding whether i want to wing making black icing or buy a tube of something (i think i’m going to give it a shot). we’ve been trying to figure out what gifts will be from mama and papa — the first time we’ve bought him any presents for his birthday or the holidays, simply because up until now he’s never really noticed what was from whom. but not only does he ask, now, “who gave this to me?” which perhaps is reason enough to get him something from us, but also we just can’t quite resist this time. and so it’s been fun thinking about what we might like him to have from us. it’s been fun, too, thinking about how he’ll get some new toys for US to play with — that is, mama and papa have long been understimulated by the things we have on hand, and yes, i have to admit that it is fun to get a fresh start with some new “cool things” around here. and that means i’ll get a chance to move some things out of gus’ room into the basement to wait for chilly (or to spirit away to the indoor yard sale i am participating in next weekend). i’m also debating about whether to open the packages ourselves sat night while gus is sleeping and to wrap their contents in actual wrapping paper.. although he LOVES opening packages, he might like to open some paper-wrapped ones too..

once again we get to experience the joy and excitement of birthdays through gus’ joy and excitement. dang having kids is so much fun!


6 thoughts on “PACKAGES!!!!

  1. dangDangDANG! I wish we could be in Boston this weekend. And wouldn’t you know with all the time off I’ve had I’m caught up on enough work that I could totally make the trip. Oh well, I’ll have to experience it all through video. Hopefully pappy will get some good footage and post it.
    Oops! We got gus extra for christmas thinking he wouldn’t notice at birthday time. guess we’ll have to get a little package together, now that he is officially old enough for us to bribe him for love. Next time we visit I’ll have to make a point to point to and mention all the things around the house we’ve bought him over the years, hahahaha!

    Have fun this weekend and take lots of pictures! We’d love a video chat, but we can wait till grandma and pappy are gone if that would be better.

    Happy Birthday to Gus!

  2. Black icing – color chocolate with black. You will ALWAYS get grey coloring white with black, no matter how much black you use.

    (and BTW, so cute the belly!)

  3. Oooooh, I say wrap the brown packages in wrapping paper! That would be double the fun! And I love the baby belly. Almost makes me nostalgic for mine (before the bedrest, that is).

  4. i think there is some special dye you can buy, cake icing dye, that you stir into white icing in small amounts. i remember using it once like 10 years ago. our cake came out very very dark grey in that regard but we were also unnecessarily frugal with it! i don’t know the contents of said dye, but it was special bakers stuff that you could possibly hunt up at a confectioners shop. but that would probably take a lot of work!!

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