chilly’s 30+ week appt was mon afternoon and gus’ 3 yr appt was this afternoon. what a busy week for checking up on my babies! for chilly, my blood pressure was 120/60 or something and my heart rate was something like 82 bpm. interesting that it was so much higher in the afternoon, but (a) it was the afternoon and (b) gus and i had been pretty busy that morning (we walked down to the dudley bus station to take the SL4 to south station and from there we walked to the children’s museum (THANKS UNCLE BIRDLEGS AND AUNTIE DIVER!) and ran around for 3 hours with our friends diana and baby antonio (gus was so sweet, showing antonio the ropes) (and antonio was so cute, freaking smiling at EVERYTHING. SO. ADORABLE.) and then walked back to south station and then home from dudley again. we got home, gus finished his nap, i ate lunch, and it was time to go out again! chilly is measuring right on for her/his weeks, i gained only 2 1/2 lbs this time (so funny to me that i keep gaining lbs + halves), and the heartbeat was right in the target range as usual. everything was lovely. and the midwife and her backup/assistant will be coming to OUR house next time. which means we should a few supplies together for when they get here and have them set up where they will be for them. it’s kind of exciting to show them around and to talk about what they suggest for how we get rid for the birth here!

as for my sir, we talked about what would happen at his appt at home before we left, and then we practiced. first gus was the patient and he sat on the coffee table and i used his medical kit from nana and grandpa to show him what dr porter might do. and then it was gus’ turn to be dr porter and i was the patient. and then he told me we didn’t have to go anywhere, because he was the dr and so we could just stay here. oh clever boy. it was a cold and rainy day today, and i didn’t think we would need our mittens, so our hands got cold, but gus and i both walked to the train and then to dr porter’s office from the train. he carried the umbrella for a bit himself, but it was a little too big and a little too windy, so after awhile he just held my hand and we walked together. he didn’t putter around too much, and it actually didn’t even take that much longer than when he’s on my back. i was so impressed! he liked to be able to sit in his own seat on the train, and it was a great break for me — he’s not too heavy, but it just makes me that much more tired to carry that extra weight at all. i took the wrap in the bag just in case he wanted to be carried — i surely can’t carry him very far or very long these days just on my hip — but he never asked! he even started to look very sleepy on the train on the way home, and we walked even more slowly, but not once did he ask to be picked up. i can’t believe how much he is growing up even from a few months ago! to be so big that he’s content to walk on his own. i’m both thrilled and sad about this. part of me just wants to carry him on my back forever — i love that snuggly closeness SO MUCH. and part of me is glad that he will be able to start walking a bit once chilly is here too.

he was excited to get to dr porter’s because we had talked about how she has fish and some cool toys. and then he was very cute and excited to climb right up on the table in the exam room. he had fun talking to dr porter — and she was (or at least pretended very well) quite impressed with his development and of course his talking skillz. he answered a good number of her questions himself — and of course told her things she hadn’t asked about either, like how he goes to bed at 7 (which is actually pretty close to the truth.. close to 7:15 or so, but still, nice dude). he told her some friends names when she asked (ezra, simi) and how he liked to stack blocks and could throw a ball and jump. and about how they took his tooth out. and about how, thank you, but he would like that elmo sticker she promised and no the grover one she accidentally gave him instead wouldn’t *quite* cut it (and surprisingly very politely). he touched his toes for her, and got on the scale for the nurse very willing to be weighed (*almost* 30 lbs, just over 29, *almost* 25th percentile) and measured (*almost* 37 inches, 36 3/4, just about 50th percentile). he lied down for the blood draw, and was very still, even though the the rubber tourniquet pinched him. he cried a little bit when they put the needle in his vein, but THANK GOODNESS his veins are finally big enough that they got it in on the first try, and thank goodness he was almost immediately okay after they pulled the butterfly out. and then he loved his bandage and that helped too. oh my sweet boy! we had talked about how it was going to hurt beforehand, but of course it’s so hard to prepare. he did so well! i told him how he was brave like frog and toad (we had just happend to read a story about how they were trying to be brave) and i think that made him happy. he got a new book (about eric & julieta) that he was excited to bring home and show papa (dr porter gives him a new book at every well visit, a very nice little tradition). and to her credit, our pediatrician didn’t bat an eyelash upon hearing we are planning a homebirth for chilly. i’m sure she’s not surprised, she thinks we’re totally weird, after all. but even so, i didn’t know quite how she’d take it, and she was great. we’ll call when chilly is born and take her/him in within 24-48 h of birth. but yea, gus was great at the appointment, everything for him is right on target, and it’s never a drag to hear someone else be excited about your kid.

oh, babies, i never get tired of how awesome and adorable you both are!


3 thoughts on “twofer

  1. what ive seen of them online looks super cool! forgive my silly questions but what exactly does a home birth look like? no monitors, doctors, pain killers, and such? but what else?…

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