good things come to those who wait

so gus passing out on the stairs

means that i had a hot minute to finish up some video editing from his 3rd birth day weekend hurrah: showing off his biking skillz to grandma and pappy and 3rd annual birth day zoo trip.


5 thoughts on “good things come to those who wait

  1. HAHAHAHAHA!!! oh man, that video is priceless. he does SO GOOD up until like, the thirty sixth second, and then wham! down behind the benches! he’s really getting the hang of that thing! and of course the other video made me cry. darn you! :):)

  2. i know is that not awesome that he loses it?? poor baby, i totally laughed when i saw that video (taken by pappy while i was teaching a vbac class). he is quite excellent on the bike, but it has taken him awhile to master that turn! he gets too excited about speeding down the hill and then it’s like OH SHIT! and then ha, yea, his 3rd birth day was pretty excellent 🙂

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