i washed our newborn clothes (and some diapers) tonight in preparation of little chilly’s arrival. it’s SO ODD getting them ready. it was strange last time, looking at the clothes, wondering what our baby would look like, finding it hard to believe that something living would be *that* small (crying because i thought i had shrunk all the onesies folks had bought for us until i realized that no, they were that tiny to begin with!). but this time, my brain is having a hard time connecting all these old clothes of gus’ with a brand new baby. it’s saying, wait, but sir is quite grown up these days. these old clothes of his will never fit him. what are we doing here, then? maybe it’s just having already grown a baby up through these clothes that makes it even harder to imagine a new, different baby in them, since i have so many memories of the one baby already who is supposed to wear them. i don’t know. poor chilly, it makes it sound like i’m not excited! i am. we are! it’s just a little crazy to think we will be putting someone brand new in all of gus’ old threads, i suppose.


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