sunny days

it’s been BEAUTIFUL here the past few days. JUST. BEAUTIFUL. so beautiful, in fact, that tonight when we were waiting for the pizza to bake in the oven, when gus and i were out on the back “porch” in our socks kicking a soccer ball around, he said, more than once, i might add, “i like this beautiful day.” what a nice break after three days of monsooning. and a loooooooong dreary winter. don’t get me wrong, i know how lucky we are that we didn’t get hit and hit and hit with snow like most of our family did (which, honestly, might have been kind of cool), and at least it didn’t rain a lot this winter. but there was a lot of COLD weather. and not a whole lot of sunshine. so we’ve been drinking up this weather like a tall cool class of water. we know we can’t predict a damn thing up here in new england about whether or not spring is really here to stay, so we’ve been enjoying every minute of sunshine that we can.

gus is getting over a cold with a cough this week and we’ve also been dealing with day light savings, so he’s been a little bit of a pill this week too. i’m not really sure what all is going on with him — three is such a tough age, with a lot of frustrations and emotions and trouble with understanding how to express everything. but we’re dealing. he’s still an incredibly fun guy, just kind of fragile.

jeremy’s been taking him up every night for bedtime. it’s another of our preparing for little chilly’s arrival. it wasn’t easy for a few nights — because of being sick and day light savings, but now it’s getting easier and faster for papa, which is great. i like not having to do the bedtime routine, but i miss it a little too. it’s so sweet and satisfying when he falls asleep all cuddled up to you. i’m hoping that little chilly’s schedule will allow me a few nights to take gus up to bed sometimes. we just don’t know what things are going to be like!

our trip to get the mattress from ikea was a total failure — as in somehow i drove not SOUTH, but west and then north and after an hour of driving ended up pretty much back where we started. you know, this baby is really starting to suck out my brain. so i’ll go sunday morning and get it while gus and papa watch basketball or something ridiculous like that. i’m looking forward to getting a nicer mattress on gus’ bed. i think it will help with all of our sleeping a whole lot more. plus then we’ll have an extra mattress for guests, which will be great — we won’t have to put folks up on the couch anymore, whew.

tomorrow it is supposed to be beautiful again, so we’re going to plant some seeds in the backyard for a spring celebration. gus is VERY excited — he picked out a bunch of seed packets this afternoon, including one for “jack o’lanterns”. i’m hoping that we will have finally figured out how to plant pumpkins early enough to get a carvable one for halloween this year. well, we’ll see, but still, we’re excited.

it just feels like spring, and that is absolutely wonderful.


One thought on “sunny days

  1. oh i know! so pretty! too bad i’ve been sick, and very much unable to revel in it. plus its rather muddy here.

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