spring is here

we love the seasons in this household. there’s something beautiful about every one of them. especially here in new england, there can be a pretty significant shift in the weather (although not necessarily coinciding with the actual solstices or equinoxes) from one season to the next. so it’s been particularly fun exploring the different changes in the world around us and the activities we can do according to the time of year it is becoming with gus. we went apple picking with our pre-school co-op in last fall, for example, and we did a countdown to solstice and presents with candles and a poem for the winter, and so today, to celebrate the arrival of spring, we dyed some eggs (gus was really confused about why the eggs were dieing and why we had a hand in it, even though we kept trying to explain that “dye” isn’t the same as “die” and that we were just talking about a way to color them.. poor guy. it was just confusing) and planted some seeds (that gus chose himself yesterday) in our front and back yards.

the weather actually obliged and it was GORGEOUS. and we all had A LOT of fun. gus is really into gardening right now, and we already have plans for the fall to plant crocus and “dappodaniel” bulbs for NEXT spring. who knows if he will be even remotely interested by sept/oct or even by the time next spring rolls around. but still, it was such a fun way to be out in the sun this morning, particularly as a way to enjoy our yards. we even met our next door neighbors, finally, and they seem really sweet.

it’s supposed to be a little more dreary for the next few days, but what a beautiful way to enter the spring season!

also some live action coloring of the eggses.


3 thoughts on “spring is here

  1. oh it looks bbbeeaauuttiiffulll!!! we took some walks here, finally, in the forest. yay for spring! and dyed spring eggs!

  2. im temporarily off of facebook to get some work done over spring break, but i had a dream last night that you had little chilly and named her Chloe! Her middle name? Bridget. Oh yeah. Little Chilly was Chloe Bridget. HI.LA.RI.OUS!

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