calum jonas shenk colvin was born (at home) on friday 26 ma 2010 @ 0126. 6 lbs 8 oz 18 inches (about 19.5 by the afternoon after he unsquooshed himself a bit more). a full 2 oz heavier and about 2 inches shorter than his older brother. he’s not really a chubby baby, but he does have these great cheeks and even a teeny double chin. it’s marvelous. i am crossing my fingers that he’ll just keeping getting squishier.

already he is so different than gus. it’s fascinating to think of how the same two folks can make two totally different little ones without doing anything much different to get them. cal has brown hair and brown eyes — already. and his own nose. and those cheeks. and the colvin ears. and a big forehead. he has the widows peak like gus — but there’s no hair in it! he DOES have the double cowlick like gus too — poor kids.

he nursed right away like gus, but pulls off the breast before he falls asleep. gus did that.. umm.. possibly NEVER. it is hard to explain how this will TOTALLY REVOLUTIONIZE THE ENTIRE BEDTIME ROUTINE. if, you know, that little habit sticks. still, i am loving it while it lasts.

i can put him down when he falls asleep. i can even give him to jeremy. he will stay. asleep (most of the time, if he’s actually ready to sleep and not just getting there). also mindblowing. am loving this for however long it lasts too. although it’s not like i usually take advantage of this very often. did i mention his chubby cheeks yet? and their snuggliness? cause, yea, you wouldn’t want to put them down either! it’s just that, you know, i could. with someone else that was almost impossible for the first couple months. whew.

he did not poop right away, like gus did. but when he did poop later that day — twice — it was two massive meconium blowouts and then that was it. he didn’t poop again for almost two days and then i started to get a little bit worried (that’s too early for no poops!). but now he seems to be right on track. god. obsessed with poop again already. the life of a mother, so scintillating, i tell you. sigh.

he has to be burped sometimes. gus — almost never. he spits up out his nose (poor baby). he likes being in the wrap (granted, i didn’t figure the wrap out with gus until he was about 8 wks old or so, so by then he might have been feeling too old and wanted to be more squirmy wormy by then). he has a big brother.

right after he was born (and i will get to that story as soon as i can), i looked at him and thought, i can’t believe that we get to have another one. i still can’t believe that “they” let us have another baby. i can’t believe we have gus in the first place. i couldn’t believe the hospital just let us walk out the door with gus, this teeny tiny baby bird creature, just because i’d managed to whoosh him out of my under region. i mean, the folks there didn’t know us from eve. how could they possibly know we could take care of him?

and the answer is, obviously, that they didn’t and of course we could. and it’s not that i wondered then or wonder now if we could take care of our kids — it’s just that i can’t believe how wildly lucky we are.

he’s not a looker like his brother was — but gosh is he beautiful. we used to joke about how our babies better be cute or else we wouldn’t be able to love them. and cal is NOT a *particularly* cute newborn, he’s a sweet looking newborn baby with all the newborn baby features that make newly born babies so damn creepy, but MY GOODNESS am i in love. i could just stare at him for hours. and it’s not just the hormones — i can see that not everyone passing by will just need to swoon over his beauty, but to me he’s just about the most amazing thing ever. again. this having babies thing is just so fantastic.

gus seems to think so too. he can’t get over how tiny everything is on his brother. he loves to touch him (gently!) and nuzzle him and hold him and show him things. he calls him “my baby” and he tries to comfort cal when he cries and he always wants to know what cal is saying. he doesn’t love having to share our attention with cal — well, duh — but he doesn’t seem to resent cal for it (yet). he helps me pick out clothes for the baby (he chose cal’s first outfit — super soft pajamas with green stars), brings me wipes and diapers (but strangely won’t throw them away for me. hmm. takes after his papa on that one. wimps), and helps me get the right hats for cal to wear inside or out. we’re all making adjustments, but gus is doing a pretty amazing job so far, and it’s pretty amazing to watch them together too.

we’re all still pretty tired but also feeling pretty good. we’re figuring out how to be a team with four players, how to run on a little bit of empty and still be kind to each other, how to keep the parts of our routine that we can and be flexible with what we can’t. but one thing we all are already pretty good at is being pretty big fans of the new guy.

first bath



he’s perfect


5 thoughts on “cal

  1. congratulations to all four of you!!! welcome little cal! — he is so fortunate to have such an amazing and loving family to guide him along his way. jack and i hope to meet him soon at the playground. 🙂

  2. Congratulations, congratulations! He is perfect, and your family is beautiful! Andrew & Lucia & I are sending you our best wishes!

  3. Oh, he is so sweet. I can’t wait to meet him. I will resist the urge to get us all on a plane immediately so I can get me a fix of smooshable baby. But just warning you, I can only hold out so long.

    Congrats, again!

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