one week

no time to post right now, but a few photos of our one week old baby at least. already he’s starting to get a little more round around the edges, more like baby, less like creepy old man newborn!

*Edit added 03 apr: we was weighed twice yesterday — both by the pediatrician and our midwife (and THAT is a story for another day) — and both times he weighed the same: 6 lbs 15 oz. 7 oz over his birth weight, 13 oz gained in 6 days since he was weighed the morning after his birth at the pediatrician’s office (6 lbs 2 oz then). so a good eater like his brother. he looks amazing and healthy according to both folks (yea, we know), and we were given the “come back at 1 month” from the ped, a very nice sign. apparently the newborn screen they did the morning after didn’t show any rise in bilirubin levels. very nice, since he DID have a tiny little bit of jaundice that cleared up before they got the test results back tues afternoon anyway. it would have been quite a pain to have to take him in to get more heel pricks (poor baby! that was so awful when we had to do that to gus, ugh!) for jaundice that was nearly gone. although you can’t tell it from the photos (too low light last night by the time i remembered to take the 1 week photos!), he’s a lovely pale peach color. perhaps a little darker than his brother was, but it’s hard to remember for sure, since most of our photos from back then were from our camera phones! it’s getting to be beautiful weather here, so we hope to be out and about for as much of the weekend as possible! more news later.


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