two weeks

ok, the post is late but the pictures were taken right on time.

(updated 14 apr 10)

highlights of the past week:

*he poops every night between 2230-2330. which is awesome, since i’m ready for bed at, like, 7, and when i finally get up to bed at 10, i get at most an hour or less of sleep before it’s poop time.

*he’s had a WICKED diaper rash this week. so bad i thought it might be yeast, and maybe it was, the miconazole cleared up the yeast looking bits, but then it was still oh so angry and red looking i was about ready to call the pediatrician — it’s much better now, but i will be happy when the fancy cream i ordered comes in. poor little bum.

*he finished peeling this week. he looks so much more baby and less creature without all that peeling flesh.

*he still turns BRIGHT RED when he is doing anything but sleeping. we call him angry baby.

*his little belly button is still bleeding. the stump fell off so much faster than gus’ but is bleeding so much longer. still totally normal, but interesting to note these tiny differences.

*he’s growing — already we’ve had to adjust the car seat straps. it’s crazy how fast they grow in the beginning.

*i can put him down to sleep but he prefers snuggling. i love it.

*both sets of grandparents came to visit this week. cal and gus were well loved. papa and i even got to sleep in a little and take a few naps here and there. two wonderful visit.

*cal has started smiling to himself. it’s beautiful.


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