eight weeks

for some reason, it seems i didn’t write gus a two month love letter. that seems odd, doesn’t it? so i don’t have the details anywhere for how big he was at this age. cal’s 2 month appointment is on monday (although he’ll actually be two months on weds), so we’ll get the official results then, BUT by my poor measuring job, he’s around 23 inches long and by the oz-a-day calculation, he should be over 10 1/2 lbs by now. if he’s gaining the >1 1/2 oz/d like he was right in the beginning, he’s actually just about 11 1/2 lbs. i’m really curious to see which it is. he’s starting to get a little tight in some of his newborn gear, which is pretty cute. he’s seem chubbier than gus was but memory is a tricky thing! jeremy’s been back at work for two weeks now and we’re surviving, although not always gracefully. i even had the kids all day yesterday by myself until well past bedtime (theirs and mine), made bread, made soup, made cookies, BATHED (and hair-washed) gus, went to two playgrounds, fed gus two meals (and cal a half dozen), and generally had a very good time. the clock on the wall in the living room was off by 20 minutes for some reason, which made things a little crazy (for example, i took gus up to bed almost a half hour earlier than we usually do, which mean he took WAY longer to fall asleep than it should have. stupid clock), but not terrible.

we’re taking cal to his first wedding this weekend. that is, if we survive his first road trip. wish us luck!


2 thoughts on “eight weeks

  1. hey lady,
    i must say that it gives me so much joy to see that your beautiful family is healthy and happy.
    your (and jeremy’s) approach to relationships, parenting, and life is inspirational in a way that is hard for me to explain, but lets just say i’m thankful and proud to be able to say i know you.
    yinz are gorgeous

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