2 month check up

vaccines today (all the recommended ones but hep b). i hate getting the vaccines. i know we have a choice, but i don’t put mama being a wimp on the table when i consider which shots to get. but, ugh. i hate them. cal is fine, of course, but he had a little bit more of a tough early evening than usual, understandably. he’s great. the hernia is still there but of no issue yet while he’s so wee. his eyes still cross sometimes but that’s not something of concern til around three months. he’s a weirdo who still spits up out of his nose, but just occasionally, not after every or even most feedings. he’s thrown up once a day for the last three days, which is also weird and gross, but not of concern either (although i mentioned this to our pediatrician in case it turns out he has reflux or something else). he has slightly chubby thighs and a great double chin. he’s beautiful.

he is 11 lbs on the money and 22 inches according to their measurements (technically, 21.93 inches). so just about the same weight as gus (because i don’t have on record what day exactly gus was weighed vs which day cal was weighed, and they gain an ounce a day more or less, so they’re really about the same) but perhaps looking a little more chubby to us since he’s about 1 1/2 inches shorter! it really means absolutely nothing for what they’ll be like when they’re grown or even just a few years from now, but it’s fun to think about how they are the same and how they are different. the pediatrician said that cal’s weigh puts him in the 50th percentile, which was very exciting — i’ve never had a baby that “big” before! so i looked up the WHO vs the CDC growth charts to see which one she was using (the WHO charts are more accurate for breastfeed babies, since formula fed babies are generally bigger than breastfed babies) and as it turns out, cal is really only in the 25th percentile on both charts. just as i suspected. but he IS only in the 25 percentile for height! and gus was in the 75th at this age. so no wonder he looks like a sweet little chubster to us. although interesting he does not have an enormous head like gus did.. only 25th percentile there too.

we see the pediatrician again in 2 months for more shots. ugh. i can’t believe cal will officially be two months old on weds, though! how time flies!!!


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