2 months

dear droozy baby,

as i write this you are sacked out on my lap. you seem to fall asleep for the night between 7-8 or so, give or take a few minutes before or after depending on our day. we talked about starting to put you on your own little bed in the living room in the evening after you nod off, something i wasn’t ready to do with gus for a long time when he was a wee tiny infant and then something he was not remotely interested in having done when he got a bit bigger for quite some time. but in the beginning it was partly because i never could bring myself to put your brother done and partly because his sleep schedule was so different than yours and we were so green about everything that it took us a long time to figure out when he was actually out for the night. you wake up between 2-4 hours after you go to sleep in the evening, but when you do wake up, it’s just for a snuggle and nursing and then you’re back out again. and then you wake up 2-4 more times throughout the night, which really is not bad at all.

as easy as you are with sleeping, though, you are a little bit crazy too. most mornings you are up around 5-5:30, and in order not to wake up your brother and your papa, you and i often head downstairs until you get droozy (a word gus made up, because he couldn’t remember the word “woozy” that we now use for very sleepy boys) again and then we try to go back to sleep for a little bit before papa has to go to work. some days i get a good hour or more of sleep when we go back. some days i get none. that’s the way the crazy crumbles, i suppose. as if the pre-6 wake hour is not fun enough, however, you were also doing this adorable-if-it-were-not-some-ungodly-hour thing of grunting and dancing from about 3-5 most mornings. which meant that although i am now heartless second time mom enough to ignore you and go back to sleep if you don’t want to nurse, your noises keep waking me up just in case you might want something. so really, a lot of days this month i’ve been waking up, if not getting up, around 3. it’s not wonder that i can be mid-conversation with someone and then suddenly —

you still are wonderful in the wrap. i pop you in and you drift off very quickly — although if it’s not really nap time and then i take you out and try to put you down for some reason you pop right back awake. okay, fair enough, i say. but if it is nap time, you are quite content to dream away the morning or afternoon all snuggled up on my chest. it makes hanging with your brother quite easy and so far we can keep our usual schedule with you along for the ride. you’re getting pretty good head control, though, so i think we might try facing you out to look at the world soon! when you are awake, you very much like looking at the world.

you’re a patient little guy. you love laying on your back looking up at the fan or the lights or the little toys on your playmat. we can put you down and you will entertain yourself looking at the world for far longer than your brother was ever willing to do. i know some of that is me, and some is you, and some is us needing you to be able to be put down for a minute while we do other things (and that makes me feel a little bit, poor baby), but i also think you rather enjoy some alone time from time to time too. i do snuggle you in the wrap A LOT, sweet boy.

you love smiling and you love when i sing to you and you love to stick your tongue out to see if i will stick mine back out at you. you’re so fun! gus loved smiling too, but he didn’t play games the way you do, and it’s such a fun new thing for me. it’s so exciting to experience new things with you! it’s so fun to remember that you are brand new different baby full of brand new different baby things!

you don’t love the car, but you don’t hate it yet either, and if we go during your sleepytime you just sleep. we went on your first road trip this weekend and you and your brother were both amazing. we learned that you will take a finger stand in for a nursing in a pinch, and that really helped on the way home when you woke up just a bit before we had time to get home. we try to take the bus or the t as much as possible, and it’s an interesting sign of where you are growing up, i suppose, that you rarely stir at all from your dreaming when the train pulls into the station.

you have lovely chubby cheeks and even tiny chubby thighs. you still have your double chin. you are really not a very big baby at all, but for us you are quite the bruiser! you are so precious and sweet and delicious. your baby acne starting clearing up right after 6 wks and was totally gone by 7 and while i am perhaps a terrible mother for admitting it, you are even more adorable than ever without it. we still can’t tell what color your eyes are — it seems brown around the pupils but then darker outside of them. i’m so curious to see what color they will end up. i’m so curious to see what all of you will end up. you look a lot more like me than gus did. you look a lot more like someone in our family than gus did at all, which is so interesting. sometimes you make faces like gus did and when you sleep you look a little like your brother. we wonder so much what you’ll look like! but there’s no rush — you already look so different than you did two months ago! i can’t believe how much you now look like a BABY and not at all like a newborn! soon enough you’ll be looking like a toddler and then a big stinky kid like your beautiful big brother. it all goes so fast.

you are such a sweet baby. we can’t stop talking about how beautiful and wonderful you are. we’re so happy that we have you.

all my love,



One thought on “2 months

  1. its true!! he looks a lot more like you and gus looks like jeremy! i love those chubby cheeks! and droozy is my new favorite word…

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