cooking out

we had a bunch of friends over yesterday afternoon to celebrate our house purchasing (finally!) and the addition of calum to the family (finally!). it was a gorgeous day and everyone brought great food and drinks etc.

because it was in the 80s and because auntie m and uncle t gave gus a pool as a big brother present when we saw them last weekend and because the pool was such a  hit when we took it to simi’s house, we set the pool up (sans slide and spraying dragon) in the backyard in addition to the regular slide that gus got from our old neighbors last year and the sandbox we just got sand for two weeks ago.

the kids went wild.

at one point, i happened to turn around just as gus was dumping some mulch into the pool. i ran up and told him that wasn’t a good idea — and then i looked in the pool. which was full of sand. and then i looked over at the sandbox. which was full of water. i went and sat back down. we watched the kids for awhile — 4 of them bent on the destruction of every play structure we had in the backyard. it was amazing. i have never seen such focus and concentration at the task on hand. gus, with the mulch carefully balanced on a shovel from our solitary tree to the pool. lucas, with sand or water in a sea star mold to the sliding board. gwen and bailey, with pails of water from the swimming pool to the sandbox. i was a bit worried about how the pool would hold up, whether the sand would ever be anything but a sludge pit again, and what all that sand in the yard is going to do to our already pitiful grass situation, but it would have taken entirely too much effort and kid policing to stop them. and they were having so much fun.

so we figured, what the hell. no one was getting hurt. everyone was getting along. we parents are probably too uptight about things anyway.

it was a great cookout.


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